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I finally got around to downloading the pictures from my digital camera.  There were about two years worth of photos, which is probably a new record.  Something about having to locate the connection cable just seems so tedious to me.  I will say it was really nice to see some of these images again.

Below are some shots of our most recent trip to Boston.  While the trip had some seriously stressful moments (me getting lost, shady hotel and Andy having to work), I spent the most amazing day reading in Copley Square.  The sky was clear and a breathtaking blue, and the temperature was only in the low seventies. It was absolute heaven, and I don’t know how I didn’t end up sunburned.  The majority of the day was spent sitting the the benches across the reflecting pool from these two beautiful churches.  The tiny blue one was my favorite.  I may have even contemplated moving the wedding to Boston, just so could have gotten married there. Fortunately we’d already booked and payed for our venue, or our guest would be traveling quite a bit farther.

Hopefully, the next time we go back for a visit will be in the spring.  The trip we took last December resulted in me being a very frozen Julie Popsicle.  I like cold weather but jeez!  I don’t know if i’m all that anxious for another bout of Boston winter weather.