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Closet Visit

Many many moons ago, I posted a video from a site Closet Visit. Closet Visit is just that, a photography project that gives readers a sneak peak into the closets of creative young women. Some people get a kick out of riffling through other people’s medicine cabinets (for shame, for shame), but I love getting a peek at the contents of their closets. Don’t worry, I always ask permission first; especially since you can’t really pretend to be looking for aspirin in someones shoe tree. One of my favorite Closet Visits was that of Actress and Blogger Shiva Rose. First of all, the name alone is awesome enough to give me a bit of a girl crush, but then I saw the vintage.Closet Visit 1

Closet Visit 2 Closet Visit 4 Closet Visit 3 Closet Visit 6 Closet Visit 5 Closet Visit 8 Closet Visit 7 Closet Visit 9 Closet Visit 12 Closet Visit 11 Closet Visit 10 Closet Visit 13

A fantastic collection of carefully curated pieces, and the jewelry box reminds of sitting on the floor with my mom, going through my grandmother’s jewelry box. Trying on bracelets, necklaces and sparkly clip-on earrings. Feeling oh so sophisticated and glamorous, in a way that can only be managed by those under the age of five.

All images from Closet Visit.