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Keeping it Together

I am an inadvertent collector. I regularly pick up random objects that catch my fancy, and whenever Andy and I moved into the house two years ago I realized as I was packing things, how many little collections I have. And it isn’t just things that I’ve bought, my family and friends know that I like certain things like quirky mugs or long scarves, and they give them to me for holidays and birthdays. I like the idea of being able to showcase and share my collections, instead of keeping them packed away, and I was delighted to find this post on integrating your collections into your home decor. Here are a couple of my favorite ideas.

Collection 2 Collection 1 Collection 5 Collection 6 Collection 3 Collection 4 Collection 7

Images from here.

This and This and This

It was a perfect weekend. Andy and I did some work around the house, ran a few errands, and then he played video games white I did a trial run of a cupcake recipe i’ll be using at my friend’s baby shower in July. Laid back, yet productive, the way it should always be. When I wasn’t in the kitchen I spent a lot of time on Pinterest (since I wasn’t really interested in watching Andy stomp space zombies). I made several new boards and found several new pinners that were truly inspiring. One of the most fascinating things I found was pages and pages of collections. Buttons, stamps, dried fowers, pens ect… It is really cool to see how people link things to one another. Some are complex, and only make sense to the collector, but then there are collections that are based on a single common factor like this great Instagram project called #colorsorganizedneatly by Emily Blincoe .

Color Grid 3 Color Grid 6 Color Grid 5 Color Grid 2 Color Grid 4 Color Grid 1

I think this project would make an excellent coffee table book.

Images from here.

Need More Bunnies!!!

I have been unofficially collecting bunny themed items my entire life. I suspect my “addiction” comes from reading Beatrix Potter stories about Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny and, of course, Alice in Wonderland, when I was little. Probably even a little from getting candy from the Easter Bunny every year (I do love a man who brings me candy). Either way this time of year is like 2nd Christmas for me. There are bunnies EVERYWHERE! It makes me hear the pokémon song in my head “gotta catch’em all, gotta catch’em all). Currently I am lusting over the  Easter Collection from Pottery Barn.

Bunny 1.2   Bunny 4     Bunny 3Bunny 1.1

I will own that cupcake stand, and maybe the cookie jar. So damn cute.