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Maybe a little country…

My high school (Frostproof Middle Senior High) was located in the middle of an orange grove. We used to joke that our unofficial school song was She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.  Ag was the one of the most popular electives offered for students and if I remember correctly, was a required course at one point.  As you might have guessed I didn’t really fit in.  I knew very early on that I wanted to get as far away from Frostproof as I could, and once I made it to college I did my best to avoid country music and get rid of my slight southern twang.  7 years later, I still have slight twang and I can listen to country music without wanting to bang my head against a wall. Not for long periods of time mind you, but enough that I can probably sing along to the most popular songs.

In the past few years I haven’t spent much time thinking about my country roots, but when I stumbled across the brand Old Gringo while browsing for winter boots I realized that maybe embracing a piece or two of my heritage wouldn’t be so horrible.  After all, I already embrace the food=love policy which is a southern convention if I ever heard of one.


While I don’t think i’ll be able to afford a pair of these for quite some time, it never hurts to keep an eye out for super sales or just check in on them from time to time for a bit of online eye candy.

These unbelievably amazing boots are available at Sheplers.