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Batchlorette Party

So I am finally getting through some of the photos on my camera. After the first round I was delighted to find that my bridesmaids had snapped some shots of my batchlorette party.  Don’t get too excited, the evening consisted of good food, champagne, henna and great friends, not so crazy, but perfect in my eyes.  Oh, and amazing gift baskets provided by the leading ladies, which unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of.

From the top: Me trying to convey to the henna artist what I wanted painted on my feet and legs. My college roommate and bridesmaid, Rebecca showcasing what was perhaps my favorite bottle of champagne. Pretty bottles and bubbles, need I say more? My cousin and fellow beach week pirate princess Mollie.  My fellow fashion designer diva and bridesmaid Silk. And last, but certainly not least, the person who has been my friend since kindergarten, my maid of honor, Stefanie. These girls have been some of my closest friends I’ve had over the years.  And there were still a few more lovely laides who were with us at least in spirit even though they couldn’t make it in person.

It was the perfect night of advice, stories and reminiscing to usher me into this new stage of my life. And the amazing henna artist Ayesha was an unexpectedly wonderful personality that made the party that much more lively.