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The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Sliding back into the Halloween spirit after all of the intensity with Hurricane Michael has been tough, but I am slowly but surely starting to feel a bit of the excitement again. One of the things I have been doing is watching the new Netflix show The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. While this show isn’t Halloween specific, save for one holiday themed episode, Ms. McConnell’s aesthetic is very Tim Burton meets Martha Stewart, and her nightmarish bakes and DIY’s are perfect for this time of year.Before the Netflix show came out, I was only vaguely aware of her work. I’d seen a few things on her Instagram account and I knew that there was a book, but I had no idea how elaborate her world was. 
Of all the creepy things she makes, these little Caramel Nut Spiders are the thing that truly made me shudder. Spiders are one of my biggest fears, and holy crap, do these look too really for comfort. She even ate one – there was an audible crunching sound; it was awful.Spiders aside, there were some very cool edible creations like the cookie spirit boards and the chocolate tea set.Christine is joined in her twisted domesticity by a number of colorful characters such as Rose, a reanimated taxidermy project, Rankle, a mystical mummified former Eqyptian diety, Edgar, a flesh hungry werewolf-eqse creature, not to mention the handsome and murderous Norman. Oh yeah, and a ghostly Dita Von Tease (Vivienne) lives in her mirror. 
So much fun, and I have to tip my hat to Netflix for such a timely release. For all of you creepy crafters out there, you absolutely need to add this to your watch list.

More about Christine McConnell here

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Friday Link Love: Valentine Crafting Weekend

One of the worst things about being a grown up is having you friends scattered all over the country. We were a pretty tight knit group in college, but as we finished school, got married, and got jobs, we kept moving farther and farther away from one another. We all keep in touch, but it makes hanging out really difficult. But if we could, I know exactly what we’d be doing this weekend. We’d be having a super awesome crafting party like this (also where the pic below is from) but with the addition of baked goods.


Alas, it is not in the cards this year. So instead here are some nifty Valentine’s DIY’s to keep you busy this weekend.

What do you think? Should we go for the adorable crochet garland, or the adorable crochet garland?

How about something pink and heart shaped for the office?

Or a cute little plush heart pin?

How about a special love tea blend that can be wrapped up three different ways?

You could always kick it old school and make some lurve arrows.

Or you could keep your favorite peeps safely in the friend zone with one of these. Nothing says, “I like you, but I don’t like you like you,” like something you could have made at summer camp.


Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes

I know a lot of people hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday that exists, pretty much, to force people to spend money. In a relationship: “We know you love your significant other, and hopefully you tell them everyday, but if you don’t do it today with a $50 box of candy and some really overpriced flowers you are going to hell.” Not in a relationship: “Wow, you haven’t found the love of your life yet? That must suck, but lets really highlight that fact by making absolutely everything couples themed and obnoxiously lovey dovey. Also, have you seen our free three day trial on eHarmony?” Andy and I met on eHarmony, I can totally make that joke.

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be awful. Use it as a chance to not necessarily spend a lot of money, but to do something special for the people you care about boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/friend/whatever. I’m big on the “making stuff” for people so I’ll have some DIY inspiration for you guys over the next few days. Since mailing something can take a while, I wanted to share these valentine gift box ideas first. Obviously you don’t have to mail them, but I really like getting things in the mail.

Heart Attack!!!Boxes 1
I absolutely LOVE this idea. There were many years when I couldn’t afford to go out and by gifts, and I had to get creative. Paper is cheap and these hearts can be made from almost anything newspapers, magazines, old college reports, junk mail envelopes…. If this heart attack isn’t your style here are several other options for giving you loved one a “Heart Attack” in the snow, on their lawn or at their home.

Holiday in a BoxBoxes 3
What are the things you deem essential for celebrating Valentine’s Day? I’m a big fan of candy and crafts, but there have been years when I felt the day was better spent on take out and chick flicks. Make a list, and then fill a box with the corresponding items.

Care PackageBoxes 2

Find cute heart shaped box, decorate the outside, fill the inside with candy, done. Sort of like the box above, but more labor intensive and candy based.

Valentine’s DIY Day 1. Check.

All images and tutorials are from the links embedded in the respective project titles.


Last Minute Costumes

Tomorrow kicks off the holiday season (at least in my mind) and I actually have my costume together for the first time in…well, I don’t even remember how long. Granted it is pretty basic, I am going to be Sleeping Beauty, which is pretty much pj’s and a tiara, but I did buy these awesome slippers to wear. In all honesty I came up with the idea so I could buy the slippers, but the end result is the same. Awesome foot gear and an office appropriate costume. Whoo-hoo!

Since I know there are probably still a few of you that haven’t put together your costumes yet, here are some ideas from the crafting queen herself Martha Stewart.

Madame Butterfly

Stache on a Stick

Sultry Spider Web

Stylish Swamp Thing

Regal Raven

Mommy & Me Garden

Rat’s Nest

Dangerously Lovely Jellyfish

Going Batty

See? All you need is a quick trip to the craft aisle and you’re good to go. PS: I am seriously thinking about using the Madame Butterfly costume next year.