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Olga Prinku

I am a bit of a flower fiend. Floral prints, flower-centric artwork, fresh flowers in the house, faux flowers that look like real flower around the house. I absolutely love the color and visual interest flowers bring to almost everything. The other day I was wasting time on Instagram and I discovered artist Olga Prinku. Her Instagram is absolutely incredible. She creates gorgeous works of art with real flowers incorporated into embroidery.

 These delicate pieces are created by carefully stitching dried flowers on to tulle stretched over wooden frames. Aside from the collar above of course which was probably stitched on a frame and then trimmed it down and fitted it over the fabric. 

Crazy beautiful, right? I would love to curate an entire gallery wall of these intricate pieces.

Images from here, here & here.

Star Lights

I am in love with these Stargazer Lights from Terrain! I have visions of light filled apothecary or bell jars lining my mantle for the holiday season. These sweet little strands are so versatile you can find ways to use them year round. For me, I am planning on getting a few different strand lengths so I can use them for things like the aforementioned jars, but also for larger projects like lighted garlands or table runners. I really liked that Terrain included a number of different decorating ideas on the purchase page.

Terrain 8 Terrain 7 Terrain 5 Terrain 4 Terrain 3 Terrain 1 Terrain 2 Terrain 6 Terrain 9

Lighted fire pit anyone? You wouldn’t be able to make s’mores, but you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the smoke smell out of your hair and clothes either. Pretty and great for outdoor parties with little ones or clumsy larger ones. *coughAndycough*

All images from Terrain.

Friday Link Love

Friday Link Love

Is it just me or do 4 day work weeks seem longer than 5 day work weeks? Maybe it’s just the 4 day work weeks that give you Monday off instead of Friday.  I could swear the clock is ticking backwards at this point. But I suppose I should be happy that there is only mere hours instead of days sitting between me and lazy Friday night of chinese take out and watching movies curled up with the husband. To the links!

A calendar for September entitled 30 Outfits 30 Days. Click here to see what ensembles the teem at Free People has dreamed up for the fall trends.

A crazy DIY round up: 50 Gorgeous DIY Earrings. You’d pretty much be set for the next year.

But wait there’s more…100 Handmade Gifts for Mom. Originally this was a Mother’s Day post, but I think moms deserve to get gifts year-round.

A artistic take on the Rorschach test to make you hungry.

And my favorite Pinterest Board of the week.

Image from here.

Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes

I know a lot of people hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday that exists, pretty much, to force people to spend money. In a relationship: “We know you love your significant other, and hopefully you tell them everyday, but if you don’t do it today with a $50 box of candy and some really overpriced flowers you are going to hell.” Not in a relationship: “Wow, you haven’t found the love of your life yet? That must suck, but lets really highlight that fact by making absolutely everything couples themed and obnoxiously lovey dovey. Also, have you seen our free three day trial on eHarmony?” Andy and I met on eHarmony, I can totally make that joke.

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be awful. Use it as a chance to not necessarily spend a lot of money, but to do something special for the people you care about boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/friend/whatever. I’m big on the “making stuff” for people so I’ll have some DIY inspiration for you guys over the next few days. Since mailing something can take a while, I wanted to share these valentine gift box ideas first. Obviously you don’t have to mail them, but I really like getting things in the mail.

Heart Attack!!!Boxes 1
I absolutely LOVE this idea. There were many years when I couldn’t afford to go out and by gifts, and I had to get creative. Paper is cheap and these hearts can be made from almost anything newspapers, magazines, old college reports, junk mail envelopes…. If this heart attack isn’t your style here are several other options for giving you loved one a “Heart Attack” in the snow, on their lawn or at their home.

Holiday in a BoxBoxes 3
What are the things you deem essential for celebrating Valentine’s Day? I’m a big fan of candy and crafts, but there have been years when I felt the day was better spent on take out and chick flicks. Make a list, and then fill a box with the corresponding items.

Care PackageBoxes 2

Find cute heart shaped box, decorate the outside, fill the inside with candy, done. Sort of like the box above, but more labor intensive and candy based.

Valentine’s DIY Day 1. Check.

All images and tutorials are from the links embedded in the respective project titles.


Friday Link Love

I think it’s time to try something new. I encounter a lot of great things online, but there is no way I could post about every single thing I think is cool. I mean, just look at my pinterest page, clearly I’m not hard pressed to find something I define as “interesting”. So i’ve decided to blatantly steal one of my favorite weekly features from the blog The Sweetest Occasion, Friday Link Love. Every Friday i’ll post a collection of nifty things i’ve come across during the week, unless I forget or get distracted. Which we all know happens from time to time….wait….what was I saying…..

These adorable printables are perfect for making holiday themed tags, places cards and stationary.
Here are some great ideas to add a little pizazz to your pie crust.
A classy, yet quirky, Thanksgiving kidde table.
10 fun an appropriately themed goodies for you and/or your guests.
Some last minute DIY’s to add a little camp to your table.
Simple and elegant combination napkin ring and place card.
A great twist on the traditional pumpkin pie.

Image from here.