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Crazy Heels

I like to think that I am fairly adventurous in my choice of footwear. I have glittery ballet flats, embroidered silk converse, velvet ankle wrap heels and 5″ peep-toe sling backs with fuchsia patent roses glued to them, but these quirky heels by Irregular Choice might be just a bit to much.

Critter-cal Support Heel

Mod Cloth 2.1 Mod Cloth 2.2

Into the Myths Heel in Pink

Mod Cloth 3.2 Mod Cloth 3.1

Chase Your Dreams Heel

Mod Cloth 1.1 Mod Cloth 1.2

Into the Myths Heel

Mod Cloth 4.1 Mod Cloth 4.2

I guess this is about what you should expect from a brand called Irregular Choice, and quite honestly the blue pair with cat heels do tickle my fancy, but I’m not sure where I would even wear something like this. Although, it would definitely give the rest of the office something to talk about if I got of pair to wear to work….hmmmmm….maybe after tax season?


When it comes to my pets, I am completely ridiculous. I refer to them as my furry children, carry pictures of them on my phone and treat them like well loved members of the household.  I even tell them to be good while I’m at work.  I love them so very much, and they love me back.  I know most people don’t believe that animals can understand people, but my call of “Mommy’s home!” Is always met with a very vocal greeting from Oliver and Octavian; and least you think this a trained response, whenever I call “Daddy’s home”,  the boys keep doing whatever it is they’re doing and Jasmine races to the door, over, through or under everything between her and her favorite human.

If you’re a pet person you know exactly where I am coming from. I used to feel a little bit silly about how often I talked about or featured my pets in this blog. But I am not alone, some of my favorite bloggers feature their furry little ones just as often as I do.

Keiko Lynn – Keiko and the adorable Miku

Violet Bella – Laura with her blog namesakes Violet, Bell and the beautifully feathered Nico

A Beautiful Mess – Elsie with her impish puppies Suki & Dolly

I feel like there has to be a club out there for people like us. Something with t-shirts that have catchy phrases like ” I heart my furry children” or ” My cat’s smarter than your honor student”. Or maybe a handshake, I feel like there would at least be a handshake..

Images from here, here, here & here.

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