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Fit for a Princess

Instagram can be a dangerous place. One moment you’re catching up with the 20 different cats you follow and commenting on your friend’s baby pictures, and then BAM! There is an add for beautiful sparkle things. How is a girl supposed to defend herself? I am very susceptible to beautiful merchandise, especially when it’s well photographed and already tagged with the line “pretty things”. This weekend saddled me with another tab in my “bookmarks”, Erica Elizabeth Designs.

 Now, technically these items are billed as “wedding accessories” but I think there are plenty of non-matrimonially related reasons to want a tiara. You know, something important like a Tuesday or going to brunch. 
It was difficult for me to decide which photos to share with you guys, everything on the site is stunning, but I found myself gravitating towards the floral pieces that reminded me of spring, with a few celestial inspired items thrown in there for variety. Actually, If I were pressed to pick a favorite, I think for once the flowers would lose. That piece with crescents and the stars? It’s giving me some wonderful art nouveau flashbacks, and I have visions of wearing it with inky indigo gowns and some silver shimmer dusted on my cheekbones…..

Which one is your favorite?


All images from Erica Elizabeth Designs

It’s just that kind of week…

A pretty crown kind of week. I was going to post this tutorial yesterday, but I felt sort of bad giving you two posts in a row about crowns. I love crowns and I like looking at pictures and DIY’s, but you guys might not feel the same way. This inner debate led to no post yesterday. So here we are, a day latter, and I am doing what I should have done yesterday, which is share this wonderful DIY by The House That Lars Built.
photography by Trisha Zemp
Valentine’s Day is creeping up so you know that I’m going to exploit it with some as many crafts as I can muster over the next few weeks. Though I’m all for a holiday that promotes love, I’m a little less into the idea of the mushy and romantic parts and more into showing people that you care. In fact, wouldn’t it be helpful to give the world one big giant Valentine? “Wait…note to self…how to make a giant Valentine to give to the world…”
I decided on a friendly, non-mushy flower, the daffodil (which I showed how to make last week–click here) and turned it into a wreath that if you wanted, could also be used as a headpiece crown. Because, uh, who DOESN’T go around on Valentine’s with a paper flower daffodil crown?
Materials: scissors, wire cutters, wire, crepe paper in shades of pinks and whites, daffodils (learn how to make them here or use any type of flower pattern), glue gun
To make the circle:
  1. Form a circle with your wire. I sized it to the shape of my head and then allowed about 5 extra inches.
  2. Wind these 5 extra inches around the circle shape many times.
  3. Cut a piece of crepe paper about 1″thick and about 3′ in length going against the grain of the crepe paper. I had mine folded so it would go faster (see pic)
  4. Stretch out the crepe paper with your thumbs all the way down.
  5. Glue the end of the paper around each other to start it and start tightly winding around the wire.
  6. At the end, glue the end piece tightly.


Make your daffodils. I used various shades of pinks and reds and whites and cut the stems down to about 4-5″.

To add on the flowers:

  1. Start with your first flower and wrap the stem around the circle as many times as you can go. I left about 1″ space between the flower and the circle so that later I could adjust the flower to go whichever direction looked best.
  2. Add in your second flower and wrap it in the same way.
  3. Keep on adding until they are evenly spaced around. I used 9 daffodils for mine.
  4. To fill in the empty spots, I cut out leaves (with the grain of the crepe paper going vertically) and then glued them to the stems of the flowers.
  5. Style the flowers by bringing one a bit above the circle and the next a bit below. Rotate around the whole crown so it looks more natural. Don’t be afraid to adjust the heads of the daffodils so that they face the direction you want them to go.


Mastering the art (or at least attempting) the art of paper flowers will probably be on my 28 Before 29 list in March. It one of those things that I’ve been intrigued by, but never gotten around to doing. For now I should probably worry about crossing things off my 27 before 28, I am getting close to the deadline.
Images and tutorial all by The House That Lars Built.

So I Can Be A Pretty Pretty Princess

I can be a little hard to feel beautiful and optimistic on a Monday morning. Especially a Monday morning that most of the world, including your husband, has off but you’re stuck at the office. Not to go into any specifics or anything. I am referring to people in gerneral mind you. But were I to find myself in such a situation, say on Martin Luther King day I am quite certain that showing up to the office in one of these crowns by Elemental Child would make the day much much better. If only to see my bosses face and then hear him try to come up with a reason why I shouldn’t be wearing a crown at the office. I would even offer to let him borrow it if he wanted to feel like a pretty pretty princess.

Crown 1 Crown 2 Crown 3 Crown 4 Crown 5 Crown 6

All images from here.