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Currently: September

It’s September, guys. Sep. Tem. Ber. How the hell did that happen? I feel like the summer flew by, and we are now the merest of days from the holiday season. My calendar says it’s fall!  As unprepared as I feel for this development, I must admit I am a bit excited. I love this time of year, and things are just going to get more fun from here. Lots and lots of things in the works, but here is what is going on in my life currently.

Watching – The Great British Baking Show. There is a new season on Netflix and though I was initially a little resistant (most of the original cast is gone) it’s been pretty good. Plenty of impressive bakes, plenty of bad puns… okay, I can get behind this. I miss Sue and Mel, but I guess it isn’t horrible to meet new people, right?

Eating – A lot of salad. It may officially be fall, but Tallahassee is still stubbornly stuck in it’s summer weather and gives no sign of changing anytime soon. Cool foods that require minimal amounts of cooking are still king in our household. We are also lucky in that our local Publix carries a truly impressive amount of salad mixes. Rip open a bag, add your protein of choice, and dinner is done in under 20 minutes.

Wanting –  Some laid back down time. Andy and I are still a bit frazzled from both of us starting new jobs. Things have started to calm down just a bit, but with the holidays right around the corner, we want to rest up as much as we can before the insanity ensues. This past three day weekend helped a bit; it was the first chance we’ve really had to relax in a  really long time. It was wonderful, even if it wasn’t super productive. Another weekend or two like that and I think we’ll be good to go.

Listening – To a lot of Panic at the Disco. I rediscovered my passion for the band a couple of weeks ago when I found myself in need of some….background noise. Trading in my office for a cube has been fine, with the exception of the noise. Some of my new office-mates are very social, and while I am a pretty friendly person, I find it really distracting when I need to focus and really get into what I am working on. Panic is pretty loud without being headache inducing, and I know their work well enough that I can lip sync along without it ruining my concentration.

Trying: New things. This whole new job thing sent my stress level through the roof. Irrationally so. My take away from this is that I need to try more new things until I can stop being such an overly dramatic pansy. This past weekend it was going to cat yoga by myself; it’ll be an ongoing project. My current metric is if the idea of doing something makes me panic a little, then it might be worth trying. I am a little embarrassed to admit that it seems like I am going to be very busy for the next little bit.


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Currently: July 2018

The last few weeks have been a little intense around here. I got crazy sick, missed my trip to Seattle, left my job of eight years, and started a brand new job. Heavy stuff, right? We could talk about all that for a while, but I am consciously trying to not dwell so we’re going to talk about some of the other things going on in my life Currently.

Reading: I am currently between books, which is a bit odd for me. I’m more of an “always something on deck” type of reader, but I’ve not found anything really inspiring as of late. I would really love to find a new series to dive into, with the new job I predict there will be a fair amount of “stress reading” happening in the evenings until I get through training and get my feet under me again.

Planning: My fall trip to Seattle. I was supposed to go at the end of June, but I found myself curled up on the bathroom floor sick the night before my flight. It was incredibly disappointing, and I am still mad at myself, but my friends have been great about helping me refocus and reschedule. Now we’re looking at me visiting maybe in late October or early November. That’s around the time that the leaves start turning, and let me tell you, this Florida girl is over the moon at the prospect of actually experiencing the traditional changing of seasons.

Eating: All of the fresh fruit. Pineapple, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, kiwi, watermelon… so much fruit in our fridge! Andy has only a passing interest, but this time of year I LIVE for the produce section. I think this might also be in part because I keep my fruit in the fridge and it’s nice and cool when I sit down to enjoy it for a snack or after dinner sweet. A perfect, and relatively guilt free, way to beat the heat.

Loving: My new quilt. Andy and I were raised not to throw anything away, so when it comes to blankets/comforters and stuff, we still have things from as far back as high school. Recently I decided to go out and buy my self a new quilt, a nice colorful summer-weight quilt. I found exactly what I wanted at Home Goods, and I LOVE it. The cats love it too; of all the pillows/blankets/throws on our beds, 8 out of 10 times I come into the room they are sleeping on the new quilt. Now I just have to convince myself that it’s time to get rid of some of those older blankets…

Creating: My new work space. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a cube instead of an office, but I have to say it is a pretty spacious cube. It’s also nice that the walls go almost all the way to the ceiling so it still feels like I have my own space. I’ve only been in there a couple of days, so it’s definitely a work in progress, but I have a list of things that I want and have been filling my tiny back pack with things as I find them and taking them into the office a little at a time. It probably doesn’t seem like a big thing, but it’s helping me feel a tiny bit more comfortable with this new phase.


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Currently: November 2017

As the countdown to the end of the year becomes disturbingly small, I am doing my best to get the things I have to do as “wrapped up” as possible so I can concentrate on the things I actually want to do. Here is what is going on in my life currently.

Smelling – CINNAMON! I’ve been baking with it, burning scented candles, and indulging in cinnamon brooms and pine cones. It’s always been something I’ve found warm and comforting, but Andy is a cinnamon fiend and my fondness for the spice has increased exponentially over the years. We keep it reasonable throughout the most of the year, but during the holidays… we definitely indulge.

Planning – Holiday merriment. There are a lot of holiday things that take place in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. This year I am trying to put all of the information in one list for myself so we can get to as many of these events as we want. Of course there are personal traditions to be considered so we are adding those in as well to make sure nothing is forgotten. So much to do and so little time!

Remembering – Holidays past. When I was younger, a large part of my mom’s family lived a mere hour and a half away. We saw each other regularly for birthdays, holidays, and sometimes just because. Thanksgiving and Christmas were always the biggest get-togethers stretching to include family from further away and friends near by. There was always plenty of food and laughter, so much laughter. It was a common occurrence that outsiders would inquire about the general level of inebriation, which to my young mind was hilarious because nobody drank a drop at these things. These days we’re all spread out, and there are some perpetually empty seats. I still deeply love this time of year, but there is always a tinge of bittersweet thinking about the way it was and the ones who are gone.

Anticipating – Traveling. Andy and I are going to be heading up to North Carolina around Thanksgiving to spend some time with his family, some of our visiting west coat friends, and then my college roommate. It doesn’t end there. My mom is meeting up with us on the last leg of our trip and then coming back to Florida with us for a few weeks. If everything works out, she and I will then head even further south to my hometown of Lake Wales for some nostalgic sightseeing. It’s a lot, but it has been a long couple of months and I am very ready for some holiday merriment.

Wearing – Almost the same things I always wear, it’s still pretty warm here. But every few weeks or so we’ll have a bit of a cold snap and then I get the rare chance to don longer sleeves and optimistically fuzzy sweaters. The arms might end up rolled within an hour or two, but I’ll still take it.

What’s going on in your life currently?

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Currently – June 2017

As the first few hours of June tick by, I am struck with the desire to connect with you guys and let you know about some of the things that are going on in my life currently.

craving – Lavender Bubble Tea. I have always been a fan of bubble tea, but the place I used to get my regular fix from closed up shop (sigh) so I figured I was just out of luck. This past Friday my husband delightedly informed me that he’d not only found me bubble tea, but that he’d found me lavender bubble tea. I’ve had two tea fixes in the last 4 days… I might have a problem.

planning – a girls night/maybe brunch thing. From time to time, I like to invite some friends over, eat some great food, do some crafts, and just hangout. It’s been a few months since my last one, and midsummer is right around the corner, so I’ve been toying with the idea of a Midsummer get together. A night time event would be appropriate, but brunch seems to be easier for us to all get to. Fortunately, I still have a few weeks to hammer out the details.

making – sense of the chaos that is my house. My mom always helps me whip the house into shape whenever she visits, and I’ve done a decent job at keeping up with the common areas. The master bedroom however… well, I would never inflict that on her. Not dirty per se, just messy. I’ve been trying to sort through things as I clean so it is taking me a bit longer than I’d anticipated, but I am feeling quite pleased with the progress, meager though it may be.

wearing – a lot of sparkle. It’s a new coping mechanism I am working on. Sparkle/Glitter almost always makes me happy. So when I am having a rough day/morning, I throw on a pair of sparkle shoes or some shimmery eye shadow to provide a little pick me up. More fiscally responsible than stress shopping and easier on my waistline than stress eating. So far, so good 😉

readingCome as You Are by Emily Nagoski. One of the bloggers I follow posted about this book a little over a year ago, and I stuck it on my Amazon wishlist. Now I am working through my 31 before 32 goal of “finding my sexy,” and a little research seemed like the best place to start. I am only a few chapters in, but WOW, so many personal revelations about myself and the way that I view the physical, mental, and emotional complexities of sex/sexuality. There will probably be a post or two about some of the content after I’ve finished the book.  Trust me; you’re welcome.

So what are you currently up to?

Currently: February 2017

January wasn’t the bright shiny hopeful month we’d all been wishing for after the black cloud of 2016, but that’s behind us now and I am keeping my fingers crossed that February  will be different.

Here’s what I’m “Currently” loving…

packing: Nothing….yet. I will be heading to Savannah later this month, but I still have a couple of weeks before any tangible prep work has to happen.

jonesing: For something new. Clothes, house stuff, you name it. I am in a big “out with the old and in with the new” kind of feeling. Fortunately, our budget is keeping my impulses in check, but man, am I ready for a change of view.

texting: With a lot of my local girlfriends. One of the things I have been trying to be better about in the last couple of months is spending more face time with the people I have the option of enjoying face time with. I’ve been lucky, and most of my group has been meeting me half way, and we’ve been trying to grab dinner or something at least every other week. It’s nice to have “girl time”, and Andy doesn’t mind having a quiet evening to stomp zombies. It’s a win-win.

wearing: Yoga pants and tank tops like it’s my job. Obviously this doesn’t include work, but as soon as I get home, it’s stretchy pants all the way, baby. There is even a stack of them on my dresser. If I have to actually leave the house, I’ll add a kimono and a pair of sunglasses, you know, so it looks like I actually tried.

hearting: As sappy as this sounds, my husband. January is always a rough time for me, things start getting crazy at the office, and I tick off another year past since I lost my younger brother, but Andy always has my back. There to offer support, cupcakes, and “just because” hugs (which is a big deal since he isn’t a touchy-feely guy). I don’t need a pink and white holiday to remind me that he is pretty freaking awesome. I try to make sure he hears it, heartfelt, at least once a day.



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