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Tiny Makes it Cute?

Have you ever noticed how much cuter things are when they’re tiny? I have a “box” of color pencils that is smaller than a business card. That includes the case, sharpener and eraser. I have no need for eight weensie little pencils, too small to use, but I bought them any way. Because they were tiny. Because they were cute. Along the same lines, I have to say that I find these pieces by Cape Town based artist Lorraine Loots awesomely adorable. I was first introduced to Loot’s work when I saw this feature on her challenge of creating one miniature painting (10cm x 10cm) every day for a year. That’s right, 365 mini, but none the less majorly magnificent pieces of art. Now she’s at it again with a new project: Potluck 100. 100 pieces, four different categories, still tiny, still hugely impressive.

Tiny 1 Tiny 5 Tiny 3 Tiny 4 Tiny 2 Tiny 6 Tiny

If you want to see more of Lorraine’s work and her work in progress, you can follow her here on Instagram.


All images above are from the artist Instagram page.


Purrrrfect Tights

Sometimes fashion trends can make it really difficult to find clothing that fits well. The crop styles that have been the hotness for the last bit are driving me nuts. I am 5’10”, and curvy; these tiny babydoll dresses and short-waisted tops are leaving WAY more of me on display than I am comfortable with. The shirts I just won’t buy, but sometimes i’ll use the dresses as tunics and wear tights underneath them. Considering I only owned a single pair of tights until 2 months ago, it has been an interesting search. Since the tights are to help with a modesty issue, I usually go for ones that are completely opaque, but recently I’ve considered getting some quirky ones to wear when i’m not at the office. Something like these.

Tights 6 Tights 1 Tights 2 Tights 3 Tights 4

The perfect tights for a crazy cat lady right?

*Ladies, please remember that tights are not pants. If your butt is any where near the hem of your “dress”, do us all a favor and put on some pants. Even opaque tights are a little translucent, and your neon pink panties will show through.


Images from here and here.