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Parts of Me

Today I am doing something I’ve never done on this blog before. I am giving you guys a quick peek into one of my sketch books. For those of you who didn’t know, I didn’t plan on being a administrative assistant/bookkeeper (although it is a glamorous job, let me tell you); several lifetimes ago I got a degree in apparel design, and I had every intention of spending my life making beautiful clothing. Nothing horrible happened to keep me from my dream, I just had student loans and bills to pay. Then I met Andy, and we got married and bought a house. It just became impractical for me to spend hundreds of dollars on fabric for dresses that were never going to see the light of day. Then it became a bit depressing to fill sketchbooks with designs that would never be made. For a while, I packed everything away and just stopped designing. Then a friend gave me a pocket sketchbook and encouraged me start sketching again, just for funsies, which brings us to today.

me 1 Me 2 Me 3 Me 4 Me 5

Since the book is already full of “fashion figures” I can get right down to the clothing, and as you can see, some ideas never make it past a few pencil lines, but I am drawing again and most days that makes me happy. And for now, that’s enough for me.

Home Inspiration

One of the first things I did when Andy and I moved into our home 2 and a half years ago was paint. The whole house was this really blah beige  and frankly it was depressing. I like color, I always have. These days, since Andy has to live in our home too, my color choices are more along the lines of sages and blue-greys vs. the kelly green and tropical turquoise I picked for my college apartments. Shade and vibrancy aside, the moral of the story is I like color in my living spaces. Or I thought I did, lately I’ve found myself drawn to home decor images that feature lots of bright whites that are then accented by brightly colored furniture. Maybe it’s just a phase?

Home 1  Home 3 Home 4 Home 5 Home 6

Home 7

It would take a lot of coats of paint to combat the current wall colors.


Images from here.

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Friday Link Love

Friday Link Love

Who would have thought a four day work week could be so very very long? But it’s the weekend now, and there are so many links to peruse…

A great weekend DIY, a bike porter crate for you bicycled.

The Midsummer Night’s Dream collection by Free People has some great pieces for any and all summer occasions.

Terrain has a great tutorial on creating your own Dark Botanical images.

I saw a design feature on Tempt Cider, I may not have much interest in drinking…okay, honestly i’d at least try it, but I would really like to get my hands on some of the gorgeous cans and bottles.

A very long and involved tutorial on creating the “modern dread”, kind of involved, but it doesn’t require the level of commitment of the “traditional dread”

Last, but not least fancy sparkly sandals.

Image from here.



Little Things I Love : Scissor Specimens

When I first declared apparel design as my major in college I congratulated myself on all the money I’d be saving, since design and sewing classes couldn’t possibly require a large number of textbooks and traditional school supplies right? Boy howdy was I wrong. Many semesters my list of required reading material was far and above that of my friends and roommates. AND I was constantly buying art supplies, fabrics, sewing notions and special sewing equipment.

One of the things I went through the fastest was scissors, which may sound a bit strange, but when you are cutting paper, patterns and fabric all day every day the cheapo Wal-Mart scissors just can’t keep up. So I scrimped and saved and hunted coupons until I could buy myself a pair of Gingher knife edged shears. They’re the Rolls Royce of sewing shears and my goodness they were glorious. Still are actually, I’ve had them since my Junior year of college and they still work better than any other scissors. The point of this long story is to put into perspective the love I have for sewing/crafting supplies. New, old, antique or otherwise I love coming across something really unique. Which is why I am completely in love with these mixed media pieces by artist Cori Kindred.

Scissors 2 Scissors 1 Scissors 3

These would look amazing on my home office walls. Way up on the wall, far away from me and my clumsy cats.

Images from CoriKindred on Etsy.

Better Than the Posters from College

My freshman year of college read a book called The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Decorum. It’s a modern take on etiquette and offers helpful hints on everything from how to build a professional wardrobe on a budget to navigating a myriad of complex social situations. I’m not going to say that I agree with everything the book said, but it helped me with the transition from very small town life to college in the “big city”. I say that tongue and cheek now, but 7 years ago Tallahassee seemed huge to me.

Now days, I use it more as a reference guide when i’m trying to wrap my head around one thing or another. Most recently i’ve been thinking about the chapters on the transition from college student to adult, more specifically how to create a well rounded and more sophisticated living space. One of the recommendations was to get ride of dorm room decor like posters, or magazine collages (in my extremely broke, but resourceful case); and purchasing original artwork or more substantial reproductions. Enter UK based company Surface View.

Surface View has a extensive collection of traditional and modern artwork that can be integrated in your household in a variety of ways.  Murals, wall stickers, tiles and prints of your favorite artwork can be purchased for a fairly decent price and will provide visual interest for your new place. I may want a mural….and one of the tile installations for the bathroom….and maybe a some wall stickers.

Images from here.