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Wedding Peeps!

To all my wonderful friends planning a wedding, look at all the pretty things! A few weeks ago I got an email from Anthropologie introducing BHLDN Weddings; a combination website and traveling trunk show (check locations here). I wish this had been around when Andy and I were tying the knot, so many pretty things.



BHLDN 4.1           BHLDN 4.2

BHLDN 3.1   BHLDN 3.2   BHLDN 3.3 BHLDN 5

They’ve got a little bit ever everything wedding dresses, non-wedding dress, decor, keepsakes, shoes and even stationary. Even if you aren’t getting married it’s worth taking a look since many of the items don’t have to be “wedding only”. Oh, and they have inspiration pages as well.

All images from BHLDN Weddings.

Pretty Things

I am feeling a little absent minded today. The columns of numbers and spreadsheets I am supposed to be wrangling are being overshadowed by wayward thoughts about take out food for dinner and the possibility of a Friday afternoon nap vs. running some errands….Before I know it, I’ve been staring off into space long enough to dry out my contacts and completely loose track of what I was working on.  I guess we never really shake the complacency inspired by summer vacations of years past.  So in the spirit of summer I give you four absolutely gorgeous summer dresses. These lovely white frocks are a limited edition summer collection designed by Free People. Unfortunately a little out of my price range, but someday, when I become independently wealthy, I will have a closet full of light a floaty garments like this. Beats the hell out of office casual.

I wish you all a very happy Friday, I am off to make some sense out of the mess on my desk and find my eye drops.  Some days I really miss my glasses.

Images and purchase information from here.

Pretty Dresses

Normally i’m not really interested in reviewing a designer’s collection.  I feel bad picking apart someone’s vision, especially since I wouldn’t really want it done to me.  But occasionally there is something so amazing, so fabulous it make me squeal on the inside and I just have to show other people.  The long dresses that floated down the runway of the Valentino 2012 Resort collection being one of them.

Pastels , flowers and beading oh my! While I was looking at the collection, my inner monologue went something like this, “I want that! No, wait I want that. Look look, BEADS!” Needless to say I A) wish I had the funds to afford one of these beautiful dresses, B) wish I could actually fit into one of these dresses, and C) wish that adult women could have Mad Hatter style tea parties and wear dresses like this on a regular basis.

Images from Style.com