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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you an epic crap-ton of Peeps, make S’meeps. When my in-laws came to visit a few weeks ago, they brought Easter baskets for Andy and me.  Among the other treats were giant boxes of Peeps, and since i’d jokingly bought a few packages of shockingly pink Peeps for Andy a few days earlier, we suddenly realized we were in possession of far more Peeps than either of us could, or should eat.  Especially since my yearly song and dance routine with the candy goes something like this: “Oh look, Peeps! We always had Peeps growing up, I should buy some!” Then I get the box home, open it and take the first bite and go, “huh, these are weird, here you go Andy.” End scene. This happens EVERY YEAR. I like to look at Peeps, I enjoy getting Peeps, it really wouldn’t be Easter without Peeps, but I never really eat them. But I do eat s’mores.


Chocolate squares
graham crackers


1. Place graham crackers, chocolate and a peep as shown in first picture. Zap in the microwave until soft. (Or place under broiler.)

2. Top with another graham cracker square.


  • Since Peeps are very sugary sweet I used bitter sweet chocolate squares instead of the more traditional milk chocolate squares
  • Keep an eye on your Shmeeps while they’re in the microwave, 10 seconds could be the difference between a delicious snack and a burnt sticky mess.

I had never tried making s’mores in the microwave, and I will admit I missed the burnt outer layer the you get when toasting your mallows over an open flame. However, it is 90 degrees outside and I will sacrifice a little flavor for not having to build a fire for at least the next 8 months.

Images and recipe from here.

DIY Bunny Placecards

Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies! With Easter only a few days away I figured it was okay to do a couple holiday themed posts. Even if you don’t any religious connection to the day, with bunnies (did I mention bunnies?) and candy I think Easter still has a little something for everyone. At the very least, it’s an excuse to have brunch, and who doesn’t enjoy brunch?

I love these little place card holders by The Sweetest Occasion. They’re festive without being overly girly, and you could switch out the bunnies for other animals if you wanted to use this idea for non-Easter related gatherings. Cat or Corgi card holders anyone? (Stefanie, you know what i’m talking about)

Supplies –

  • plastic bunnies
  • pliers
  • needle nose pliers
  • gold spray paint
  • drill with a 1/32″ drill bit
  • wire or old ornament hook

Drill little holes in the tops of your bunnies, holding them securely with the pliers. Be extra careful to let the drill bit do the work – it is a thin drill bit and if you press too hard it could snap. Also, when you reach your depth, keep the drill spinning as you pull straight out. This makes it easier to remove the drill.

I formed the wire before painting, but you can do it after, too. Straighten your ornament hook, or cut a small length of wire about 2 inches.

Grab the end of the wire in the needle nose pliers and wrap, leaving about 3/4 of the length straight. This will be inserted in the bunny, creating a holder for the place card. Spray paint the bunnies gold outside on a piece of cardboard, using about 3 thin coats. Let dry after each coat. For each coat, lay the bunnies on varying sides, to ensure you get good coverage around those little ears and feet.

Another fun idea is to skip the wire inserts and use these little gold treasures as Easter egg prizes. Sadly, I don’t know if I could convince Andy and his friends to hunt Eater eggs with me. I did briefly consider telling them one of the eggs had a $20 in it, but then I had visions of four overgrown man children shoving each other and tearing apart my backyard.

Images and original tutorial from here.


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