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Pretty Pretty Dresses

The gowns from the Valentino Fall 2013 collection remind me of tea time. A very posh and expensive tea service to be sure, but high tea none the less. Porcelain inspired patterns and lace, the simple cuts accentuating the complex patterns and sumptuous colors. I can’t decide which style I like more. I am a huge sucker for floral patterns and delicate lace, but the solid sapphire and ruby dresses are so rich looking.

Fall 13 Valentino 2 Fall 13 Valentino 1 Fall 13 Valentino 3 Fall 13 Valentino 5 Fall 13 Valentino 9 Fall 13 Valentino 6Fall 13 Valentino 4 Fall 13 Valentino 7

The rest of fall collection is very attractive, but I am far more interested in gowns than I’ll ever be day to day wear. Mentally is goes something like, “Blah, blah, blah, just show me the pretty dresses!”

All images from Vogue.com