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Real Life Fairy Tale

I fell in love with fantasy long before I fell in love with fashion. When I was a little girl, I didn’t dream of runway shows or owning chic boutiques, I wanted to make clothes for fairy queens and story book heroines. Things made with cloth spun from spider silk and adorned with dewdrops and colorful tiny flowers. Gowns that were so beautiful that they could make princesses out of the grubbiest scullery maids. That dream gave way to slightly more practical aspirations, but there is always that part of me that will dream about making clothing so spectacular that is seems otherworldly. When I saw this article, it brought back all of those long lost dreams. These gorgeous creations by Sylvie Facon are 100% storybook worthy.

Completely fantastical, right? The attention to detail in these garments is down right swoon worthy, and the incorporation of nontraditional materials? I can’t even. Legitimately can’t even. I don’t know what I’d make or who’d wear it, but this has left me itching to dust off the dress form in my home office. I even think I remember where some of my old textbooks are.

Magically Fantastical

Usually I like to come up with my own descriptions for the photography I feature on this blog, but this quote from Bored Panda perfectly describes these images.

Inspired by fairytales from around the world, Anita Anti, a Ukrainian photographer based in New York, takes beautiful portraits of women and animals in forests that seem to pulsate with magical energy and melancholy.

Fairytale 6 Fairytale 7 Fairytale 8 Fairytale 9 Fairytale 2 Fairytale 1 Fairytale 4 Fairytale 5 Fairytale 3

One of the saddest things about growing up is realizing that the older you get, the more limitations life seems to throw at you. When I was little I wanted my grown-up life to be just like something out of the story books. Not the happily ever after part, but the aesthetic trappings that made them so much larger than life. Sadly, princess dresses don’t hold up so well when you are running errands, most offices frown on candy color hair, and no matter how much I talk to my cats they still refuse to help me get ready in the morning. But it’s still fun to daydream about those things from time to time, and seeing pictures like this takes me back to that time where there seemed to be nothing but possibilities.


All images from Bored Panda.