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A Better Plan

I’m not always the best about “getting dressed” in the summer, I tend to throw on whatever is lightest, loosest and close at hand, but I was reading an article the other day where the woman said her go-to summer ensemble was shorts or jeans, a pair of sandals and a cute t-shirt. If she want to go a little fancier she switched out the sandals for flats and added a statement necklace. It’s so easy and it looks much more put together than my yoga pants and tank top. Now I have an excuse to amass a collection of cute t-shirts. Fortunately the internet has many many many companies that offer all sorts of cheeky shirts, like these from Tees in the Trap.

shirt 1 shirt 5 shirt 4 shirt 6 shirt 3 shirt 2

The “I Hate Morning People” is my absolute favorite, it makes me wish that my office did Casual Monday instead of Casual Friday. It’s a shirt befitting of Monday morning.


All images from Tees in the Trap.

How Big Girls Dress Up

Much like boys with their toys, girls never really stop playing dress up; our dress up clothes, like the boy’s toys, just get more expensive. I am living proof: I spent many many hours clomping around the house in her mother’s high heels, and now I have a carefully curated collection of “fancy” shoes for special occasions. It’s a special kind of thrill to find some accessory or article of clothing that makes me feel just as pretty and sophisticated as I did when I dressed up for tea in five layers of necklaces, one of my mother’s slips and a droopy cartwheel hat festooned with roses. A tall order to be sure, but that’s why it is so amazing when you can recapture it. These elaborate necklaces by Dylanlex are so extravagant that  I feel like they would make any woman feel like a princess (maybe even warrior princess?) again.












Seriously, when was the last time you saw something that gorgeous?


Images from here.

Fete des Fleurs

I flipped over the Fete des Fleurs Lookbook from Shabby Apple. With all of the fall fashions showing up in stores, it will be a few months before we get to see florals and pastels again.

Shabby Apple 1

Shabby Apple 2

Shabby Apple 3


Shabby Apple 4

Shabby Apple 5

Shabby Apple 6

Shabby Apple 7

Shabby Apple 8

I want the pink tulle skirt in the first photo so badly! I don’t know where or when I would wear it, but I’d find a reason.

All images from Shabby Apple.

Closet Visit

Many many moons ago, I posted a video from a site Closet Visit. Closet Visit is just that, a photography project that gives readers a sneak peak into the closets of creative young women. Some people get a kick out of riffling through other people’s medicine cabinets (for shame, for shame), but I love getting a peek at the contents of their closets. Don’t worry, I always ask permission first; especially since you can’t really pretend to be looking for aspirin in someones shoe tree. One of my favorite Closet Visits was that of Actress and Blogger Shiva Rose. First of all, the name alone is awesome enough to give me a bit of a girl crush, but then I saw the vintage.Closet Visit 1

Closet Visit 2 Closet Visit 4 Closet Visit 3 Closet Visit 6 Closet Visit 5 Closet Visit 8 Closet Visit 7 Closet Visit 9 Closet Visit 12 Closet Visit 11 Closet Visit 10 Closet Visit 13

A fantastic collection of carefully curated pieces, and the jewelry box reminds of sitting on the floor with my mom, going through my grandmother’s jewelry box. Trying on bracelets, necklaces and sparkly clip-on earrings. Feeling oh so sophisticated and glamorous, in a way that can only be managed by those under the age of five.

All images from Closet Visit.

Pretty Pretty Dresses

The gowns from the Valentino Fall 2013 collection remind me of tea time. A very posh and expensive tea service to be sure, but high tea none the less. Porcelain inspired patterns and lace, the simple cuts accentuating the complex patterns and sumptuous colors. I can’t decide which style I like more. I am a huge sucker for floral patterns and delicate lace, but the solid sapphire and ruby dresses are so rich looking.

Fall 13 Valentino 2 Fall 13 Valentino 1 Fall 13 Valentino 3 Fall 13 Valentino 5 Fall 13 Valentino 9 Fall 13 Valentino 6Fall 13 Valentino 4 Fall 13 Valentino 7

The rest of fall collection is very attractive, but I am far more interested in gowns than I’ll ever be day to day wear. Mentally is goes something like, “Blah, blah, blah, just show me the pretty dresses!”

All images from Vogue.com