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Mountains of Tissues and Oh So Pretty Pictures

Hey guys, sorry i’ve been a MIA this week, I’ve been a little under the weather. And by a little I mean a lot, I am med-ed up and functioning right now, but there is a threat of a trip to the doctor if I’m not better in a few days.Feeling as poorly as I have been, it isn’t really all that surprising that i’ve been spending quite a bit of time curled up in bed with the cats and my laptop. Fortunately, Ruche just posted their Winter Lookbook and I can not stop flipping through it.

These are just a few of my favorite images, but I love it, love it, LOVE IT. This last dress in particular is just so soft and delicately feminine. Sadly, it is already sold out, but then again we are now in the time of year where it’s a bad idea to buy things for your self anyway. Oh well, time for more tea and another round of cold medicine. I’ll just leave this bookmarked on my laptop for later.

Like Candy, but for Grown Ups

Figuring out why I love this jewelry made by McTega is super easy. It looks like candy. Done. The end. These necklaces look like the beautiful love child of a candy necklace and a stick of rock candy, and I love them. A lot.

On a slightly more mature strain, these glittering pieces were created by Sarah McLellan and Kristina Ortega. Before meeting at a internship with Rodarte in 2007, these ladies had been pursuing more science based careers in the medical field and in micro biology. The duo found the perfect way to merge their love for fashion and science one day on a shopping trip.

“We found these mirrored plexiglass pieces shopping in the garment district, and Sarah said, ‘Oh, these look like carbon link structures!’ We went from there, casting them in plastic to make our first necklace ever.”  

And now, i’m hungry.

Images from here.

When You Got It, You Got It

One of the first designers I ever fell in love with was Betsey Johnston. Her distinctive style, as best as I can describe it, is crazy cracked out 80’s drag queen meets psycho princess barbie, but in a good way.This year her Spring 2013 collection for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, was not just another over the top fashion show, it was also her 70th birthday party bash. Complete with confetti, dancing models, glitter and Cyndi Lauper. Seriously guys, this woman is old enough to be my grandmother, and she still kick major runway ass. I hope i’m half as cool when i’m her age.

To see more shots of the collection click here. All the images from this post are from style.com.

Simply Lovely

As the temperature climbs here in sunny sunny evilly hot Florida, I find myself searching desperately through my wardrobe trying to locate the few, and I mean very few articles of clothing I have that aren’t black or long sleeved. I’ve come to the realization that I need to pick up a few lightweight, lighter colored garments in my closet. You know, since one of my goals (from this list) was to define my personal style and take steps towards a more ideal wardrobe. I still don’t think i’ll be indulging in any of the neon pieces that seems to be so popular right now; but I think a few pastel and neutral selections, like these simple creations by Mes Dames, are just what my closet needs.


Shopping tip: A great way to make your clothing budget go farther is to shop out of season. Buy clothing for next summer once all the stores start introducing their fall lines and the summer clothes migrate to the sales rack. This obviously isn’t the best plan for someone who is obsessed with being on trend, but if you are looking for more classic pieces, make mental notes now and buy later.

Images from here.

Not a Silly Type of Princess

While I make jokes about wanting puffy dresses and glittery tiaras, looking like a princess doesn’t have to be childish. Dolce & Gabbana have come up with a way to dress like royalty and still look incredibly chic.

I still don’t know how to covey how much I love this collection.  The execution is flawless.  One of the biggest issue I have with a lot of runway fashion is how difficult it often is to integrate into real life, and while I know some of these ensembles would look a little odd even out on the town, there are pieces in each and every look that can be applied to daily life.

As always, the girls at Honestly…WTF have come up with a way for us to bring a little piece of the runway into our lives, check out their Dolce & Gabbana DIY here.