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Beautiful Bloggers: Junkaholique

Time for another “Beautiful Blogger” highlight.  This next blog I found by accident one day when I was flipping through some England based blogs that a friend recommended. As a matter of fact this blog was where I found one of my favorite posts of all time, The Story of Flat Stanley Junkaholique is a liftstyle blog written by jewelry designer Artemis Russell. Junkaholique cronicles her travel and domestic adventures with her husband Nao, their company RUST Jewellery and the most recent addition to their family, their baby girl Pehr (pronounced “Pear”).


I find Artemis so incredibly inspiring. She one of those “superwomen” who can do it all, have the great job, the wonderful family and still have time to sew baby clothes and go on adventures in her little van. I am well aware that it probably isn’t nearly as effortless as it seems, but damn girl’s got skillz.

All images from Junkaholique.