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Pretty Dresses

Normally i’m not really interested in reviewing a designer’s collection.  I feel bad picking apart someone’s vision, especially since I wouldn’t really want it done to me.  But occasionally there is something so amazing, so fabulous it make me squeal on the inside and I just have to show other people.  The long dresses that floated down the runway of the Valentino 2012 Resort collection being one of them.

Pastels , flowers and beading oh my! While I was looking at the collection, my inner monologue went something like this, “I want that! No, wait I want that. Look look, BEADS!” Needless to say I A) wish I had the funds to afford one of these beautiful dresses, B) wish I could actually fit into one of these dresses, and C) wish that adult women could have Mad Hatter style tea parties and wear dresses like this on a regular basis.

Images from Style.com