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My Coffee Is Better Than Your Coffee

A lot of us consider that first life giving jolt of java the best part of the morning. During the week, my coffee routine is seriously no frills,  Target coffee grounds, my refillable K-cup and Coffeemate . The End. But on the weekends I like to get something a little fancier, an oversized cup, maybe a shot of flavor and one of those cute heart shapes in the milk foam, doesn’t get much better than that right? Wrong, evidently foam can be sculpted as well as drawn in. Check out these creations by coffee artist Kazuki Yamamoto.

Coffee 1 Coffee 4 Coffee 2 Coffee 3 Coffee 5

I’m sorry ma’am, you’re going to have to remake this, I can’t drink my cappuccino unless it has a giraffe in it. I have standards. Coffee Diva, party of one?

Images from here.