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The Best Font Ever

These gorgeous handmade flower letters by Alice Mourou are the first part of a project that will eventually be an interactive video messenger. I don’t know what I would say with my video, but at least it’d look good.


Blossom Type 6 Blossom Type 5 Blossom Type 4 Blossom Type 3 Blossom Type  2 Blossom Type 12 Blossom Type 10 Blossom Type 7 Blossom Type 9 Blossom Type 8 Blossom Type 11

So beautiful and intricate, and these pieces are 100% hand generated, Photoshop was used for color correction only.


All images from Alice Mourou.

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Crazy Crazy Cat People

As if non-cat people don’t find us feline enthusiast strange enough, there is now a font that allows you to succinctly pass along messages from your cat to others. By using this adorable font you’ll be able to quickly convey that this is not a note from you, but in fact a note from your fur baby. It’s sort of along the lines of the Gilmore Girls episode where Kirk adopts a cat and names it Cat Kirk. This isn’t mere Font this is Cat Font.

Cat Letter 1 Cat Letter 2 Cat Letter 3 Cat Letter 4

I love other crazy cat people. I might be strange, but at least I didn’t make a font that uses a cat’s tail for form letters.

All images from here.