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Halloween Printable Round Up

I’ve come across quite a few Halloween printables in the last few days. I was tempted to make it the theme of this week’s Friday Link Love, but then I found more cool, non-printable based, links that I want to share insted. So it’s sort of like a double link love this week. Except i’m not calling it that officially.  Although, I just sort of did…Anyway, these are five of my favorite FREE Halloween printable to get you in the spooky spirit.

Note: I also think the coloring page (item 4) Would be a great template for cutting out trick or treat bags or luminaries, making construction paper jack-o-lanterns or even just as a stencil (for trick or treat bags or luminaries).

BOO!!! Printable Halloween Treat Bags

Print 1

Give Me Something Good To Eat Tag

Print 2


Buggy Bar Wraps and Treat Toppers

Print 3

Classic Pumpkin Face Coloring Page

Print 4

Creepy Crawly Table Settings

Print 6

Valentine Printables

Alright everyone, we’re in the final stretch. I know some of you haven’t gotten around to picking up a little something for that someone special, and to make sure you have something for your valentine, here are some FREE printables. You know, that you can print tomorrow, from your work computer, at a quarter til five and still have time to throw elbows at the grocery store to pick up a bottle of wine and box of candy or whatever, on the way home. Don’t be ashamed.We’ve all done it, and I’ve got your back.

Printable 6 Printable 4
Printable 1 Printable  3     Printable  2Printable  5

Click the photos to get the links offering the printables, all images and goods pictured here are from the aforementioned links. Enjoy!

Father’s Day Printables

Gift giving for Father’s Day has always been a little difficult for me.  My dad is a pretty simple, straight forward kind of guy.  With Mother’s Day there are flowers, candy, funky knick-knacks and jewelry, but with Dads the choices are far more limited.  Sure there are coffee mugs and key chains, not to mention gadgets, but it all seems so generic. Since I celebrated Father’s Day with my dad last Sunday, I can go ahead and tell you what I went for this year: FSU Black Baseball Cap and car decal, a flash drive with all of my wedding photos on it, a quirky multi tool for his key ring and I baked an epic crap-ton of sugar and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Not the most exciting gifts, but all practical and the cookies were amazing (I may have “broken” a few for the husband and snitched a bite or two myself). I am still dreaming of the day that I find the gift, you know what I’m talking about. The gift that surprises, wows and pleases the recipient. Someday it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

For those of you running a little bit behind on picking up your Father’s Day presents, take a quick look at these fun printables that will help give your gift a little something extra.

Father’s Day Card & Tie Combo

Wine & Beer Labels

Sock Bands

Father’s Day Card in White

Father’s Day Card in Black



Images and printables from Ruban Collectif for The Sweetest Occasion and Hello Lucky.