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Weekend Recap

Well, it was quite a busy weekend. My friend Stefanie was in town, and since she needed to promote her kids yoga teacher training coming up (you can register here *wink wink*), we decided to hit up some of the different Saturday morning markets that take place in town every weekend.

w9 w8 w12Amidst all my friend-supporting, I discovered this delightful stall: 221B Baker’s Treat. Their mystery-themed goods include Sherlock Scones, Dr. Watson’s Brownies, and Ms. Hudson’s Cookies. Even better, they have both vegan and gluten free treats. We chatted up the baker and her husband and discovered that along with themed offerings, the baked goods use locally sourced ingredients, and the flavors are dictated by seasonal offerings.  I am planning on dragging Andy back to stock up on more scones the next chance I get.w11 w10 w7 After the downtown market, we hit the Market Square farmers market; it’s much smaller so it was more of an in and out kind of thing. Probably not a bad thing, considering I noticed some flowering plants that would look great in my front yard…w6 w5 We took a break and grabbed brunch at Sweet Pea Cafe. So much amazing vegan food, so little time. They even had the Green Tea Sugar cookies that I love; I bought two to take home for later. It was so good we even went back on Sunday before she had to head home.w4 w2 w3 We did another round of flyer hand-outs around Lake Ella and then met up with our friend Lexy, grabbed ice cream, and spent the next couple of hours catching up and thoroughly enjoying our girl time. Unfortunately the sundae below was not mine, mine was considerably less picturesque, but equally delicious. w1 w14 w13Sunday was mostly dedicated to Andy and I running errands, but we did manage to grab brunch (at the aforementioned Sweet Pea Cafe) with Stefanie and my adorable corgi niece Ruby. She loves me quite a bit, but the last time she was in town Andy gave her ear scratches and brushed her for THREE HOURS while we watched movies. Needless to say, I have been replaced as her favorite human who isn’t her mom 🙂

Great Dates – Friend Date

As wonderful as a date with your significant other can be, dates with good friends can be just as much fun. Andy is, of course, my favorite person, but there are few things in this world that are as much fun as brunch and shopping with a friend. The blog A Beautiful Mess has started a feature call “Great Dates” where they do date pairings, like a dinner and movie, and their second feature was about that all important Friend Date (click on the link to see the full post), which kicked off with a trip to the bakery and ended at a greenhouse.

Date Day 1 Date Day 2 Date Day 3 Date Day 4 Date Day 5 Date Day 6 Date Day 7Date Day 9 Date Day 8

Now all I can think about is coffee and pastries. Middle of the week brunch tomorrow anyone?

All images from A Beautiful Mess.

Gnome Party!

This post is inspired by my bestie since kindergarten, Stefanie. She loves gnomes and has a small of collection of lawn gnomes that have graced any front yard she has ever had. When I saw this Gnome Themed Birthday Party I just knew that I had to share it with her, and you guys of course (in case there are any closeted gnome fans amongst you).

Gnome 7

Gnome 9.1

Gnome  2

Gnome 5

Gnome 8

Gnome  3

Gnome 4

Gnome 1

Gnome 9.2

Gnome 11

Gnome 9.3

Gnome 9

While this may have been a party for a four year old, I think it could still be adult appropriate. I’m 27 and I would have loved to be a guest.

All images from 100 Layer Cake.

Flower Bomb!

I have a cold. It’s summer. Why do I have a cold in the summer? When you have a cold you’re supposed to be able to drink soup and hot tea curled up in a blanket. It’s in the 90’s outside! I don’t want to do any of those things. I’m feeling a little pouty if you can’t tell. But I am soothing myself with a bowl of fresh pineapple procured by the husband, and I have something truly awesome to share with you guys today.  From the blog Design Love Fest, I give you the Flower Bomb.

flowerbomb 13

The Inspiration:

Kristen and i were talking a while back about feeling so grateful for our friends. i know for me, i am far away from my family members who live in the midwest, so my friends here in california have definitely become like family to me. we were dreaming up ways that we could show our gratitude to our friends and thought of this idea of a “flower bomb”…surprising someone with flowers in unexpected places. my first thought was, “what if we filled an entire front seat with flowers?!”

The How To:

• I first placed one tightly lined wooden garden box on the passenger seat and another on the floor. You want to make sure the vessel you choose is watertight! No leaks. And is big enough to hold a lot of blooms.

• I then filled the boxes with water soaked oasis (green floral foam). 

• Now i had to think about shape. I didn’t want it to look too much like a typical floral arrangement so I gave it a full and wild shape that accented the curves of the car’s interior. I think it also helped to have the second box on the floor of the car. That way I could get a couple different heights.

• Starting from the back and moving to the floor I started filling the boxes with blooms. I was keeping the stems as tall as I could so you could see the flowers through the windows.

• I even water tubed some blooms a placed them on the dash!

flowerbomb 2 flowerbomb 3 flowerbomb 7 flowerbomb 5 flowerbomb 4 flowerbomb 6 flowerbomb 8 flowerbomb 9

Images and tutorial from here.


I mentioned last week that someday, a day far far away, i’d like to own some chickens. Then I read a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda Wright  of Wit & Whistle, about how she just went on a Tour D’Coop and is taking a chicken keeping class because she to would like to own chickens! Even better there were pictures!

Chiken 1 Chiken 2 Chiken 4 Chiken 3 Chiken 5 Chiken 6

Ah yes, the joy of living vicariously through someone else. I might have made a slightly undignified sound of joy, a sound Andy describes as “squee” when I saw the picture of the baby chick. I wanna snuggle it and kiss its tiny little beak! You can snuggle chickens right? Bonus, in her post she also talked about watching Cinderella a few to many times and consequently wanting to own a menagerie tiny of ballgown making creatures, which is something I too have given entirely to much thought to. I feel like she and I would be friends.

Images from Wit & Whistle.