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Flower Bomb!

I have a cold. It’s summer. Why do I have a cold in the summer? When you have a cold you’re supposed to be able to drink soup and hot tea curled up in a blanket. It’s in the 90’s outside! I don’t want to do any of those things. I’m feeling a little pouty if you can’t tell. But I am soothing myself with a bowl of fresh pineapple procured by the husband, and I have something truly awesome to share with you guys today.  From the blog Design Love Fest, I give you the Flower Bomb.

flowerbomb 13

The Inspiration:

Kristen and i were talking a while back about feeling so grateful for our friends. i know for me, i am far away from my family members who live in the midwest, so my friends here in california have definitely become like family to me. we were dreaming up ways that we could show our gratitude to our friends and thought of this idea of a “flower bomb”…surprising someone with flowers in unexpected places. my first thought was, “what if we filled an entire front seat with flowers?!”

The How To:

• I first placed one tightly lined wooden garden box on the passenger seat and another on the floor. You want to make sure the vessel you choose is watertight! No leaks. And is big enough to hold a lot of blooms.

• I then filled the boxes with water soaked oasis (green floral foam). 

• Now i had to think about shape. I didn’t want it to look too much like a typical floral arrangement so I gave it a full and wild shape that accented the curves of the car’s interior. I think it also helped to have the second box on the floor of the car. That way I could get a couple different heights.

• Starting from the back and moving to the floor I started filling the boxes with blooms. I was keeping the stems as tall as I could so you could see the flowers through the windows.

• I even water tubed some blooms a placed them on the dash!

flowerbomb 2 flowerbomb 3 flowerbomb 7 flowerbomb 5 flowerbomb 4 flowerbomb 6 flowerbomb 8 flowerbomb 9

Images and tutorial from here.

Magnolia Pearl

Sometimes life can get you down, especially grown up life (shudder). With jobs and families comes a lot of responsibilities and you can find yourself bogged down. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see the work slacks and the cardigan and I wonder “What happened to me? How did I become this water down version of me?” It’s something I have resolved to work on this year. Part of what I really miss is the enthusiasm I used to feel for design.  My high school and college notebooks all had more sketches than notes and it was just something that came so naturally. Now I sit down to work and I am instantly thinking, “Well, can I make this?” “Who do I see wearing this?” “How much am I going to have to charge to make any money on this?” And I end up with a blank page and a headache.  But then I went online this morning and I saw this amazing post by Laura, the charming author of the blog I sponsor Violet Bella. She had gone to see this breathtakingly beautiful runway show by Magnolia Pearl and I couldn’t get enough of these photos. This is what I needed to remember, how to have fun with fashion.

I truly cannot get enough of this pictures, it’s Jane Austen meets Practical Magic with a splash Julia’s Chocolates…absolute perfection!

Images from here & here.