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I almost died laughing when Andy send me the link for these candles from The Flicking Candle Company. They’re a great way celebrate some of life’s most awkward moments.

Candle 1

“A pioneer in all things deaf and blind, Helen Keller never let her disability get in the way of accomplishing her goals of being a world-class pastry baker. We’re proud to be the only candle company in America brave enough to recapture the smell of her classic Key Lime Pie. While non-blind people may be put off by the brownish-burnt color, we can assure you that this rich smelling candle is the assault of the senses that Helen Keller would have wanted. Impress your friends and family with a piece of cooking history. 10% of the proceeds of each candle are donated to me, who had a dog that was blind when I was growing up.”

Candle 2

“Procrastination is a skill you’ve perfected while putting off other things that needed to get done.   It must also be one of the only ways you ‘get some’ in life because you’re definitely screwed.  You’ve been in this position before, and you have the number one weapon to combat this massive pile of work staring you in the face: Coffee. Coffee can solve all your problems, especially between the hours of 11pm and 6am.  Let this candle caffeinate any room with its ‘can do’ aroma that gives even the laziest person the motivation to start what they should have finished yesterday.”

Candle 3

“Bad weather? Not enough money? Unexpected circumstances? Whatever the cause, it stinks to have a planned vacation suddenly ripped away from you and cancelled. Let us help you air out that attitude with our sweet smelling Cancelled Vacation candle, perfect for filling any room with the wonderful smells of the tropical island you won’t be visiting. Just 52 more weeks of work and you can try again next year!”

Candle 4

Did that unlimited meal plan at the dining hall catch up to you? It’s okay. Plenty of people gain a little extra weight during their freshman year of college. Maybe you can pass it off as ‘bulking up.’ It’s only the winter, it’s not even beach season, and it’s possible nobody will notice that thicker chin and expanding waistline. You could just say screw it, and that’s what this candle is all about. The sweet smell of pound cake is expertly crafted in this candle to serve as a reminder that you can start working out at the Rec Center anytime you want– just not today.

Candle 5

“You love her like no other, and she loves you like a brother.  She wishes every boyfriend could be more like you, but not actually you. You are the pilot of a plane that will never come in for a landing. You, sir, are trapped circling the airspace of the friend-zone.  But that’s okay, because you’ve agreed that neither of you would ever want to mess up your ‘special friendship.’ Lighting our candle sets the perfect mood for a date with her and some other guy. But don’t worry, she’ll tell you all about it later. “


The “Coffee Cram Session” would have pretty much been my signature scent. I always get my work done on time, but I just work better under pressure. Aaaaaand now I want coffee…

All images and scent descriptions from The Flicking Candle Company.

A Better Plan

I’m not always the best about “getting dressed” in the summer, I tend to throw on whatever is lightest, loosest and close at hand, but I was reading an article the other day where the woman said her go-to summer ensemble was shorts or jeans, a pair of sandals and a cute t-shirt. If she want to go a little fancier she switched out the sandals for flats and added a statement necklace. It’s so easy and it looks much more put together than my yoga pants and tank top. Now I have an excuse to amass a collection of cute t-shirts. Fortunately the internet has many many many companies that offer all sorts of cheeky shirts, like these from Tees in the Trap.

shirt 1 shirt 5 shirt 4 shirt 6 shirt 3 shirt 2

The “I Hate Morning People” is my absolute favorite, it makes me wish that my office did Casual Monday instead of Casual Friday. It’s a shirt befitting of Monday morning.


All images from Tees in the Trap.

Because It Made Me Laugh

I don’t know why, but I think these unicorn cupcake toppers by the Paper Momma so funny. Perhaps the poor unicorn had some unfortunate accident that landed him magical horn deep in cupcake. It seems Mondays can be a bit rough on everyone, even mythical creatures. I may have to find an excuse to make some of these for myself. Unicorn cupcake day anyone?

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers // thepapermama.com

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers // thepapermama.comIt’s so easy to do. Just cut out the little unicorn shapes and hot glue some toothpicks to the heads. Stick in some cupcakes, done. Just click here, right click + save to get your printout. ENJOY!Unicorn Cupcake Toppers // thepapermama.comAll images and printables are from The Paper Mama.