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Birthday Breakdown and Dessert

I had an amazing 26th birthday, there were cards, tons of facebook messages, presents and even some real mail! Andy took the afternoon off and we went to the oriental market I’ve been dying to see, bought an unseemly amount of red bean cakes and shrimp chips, then went out to a swanky dinner where I ate entirely to much. This was also the place where I had the most delicious roll ever made by man and the honey butter, oh the life changing honey butter!  We wrapped up the evening with oreo cake and catching up on Castle and Once.  All and all a really terrific day.

In more recent news, the in-laws are going to be in town this weekend so Andy took the day off and spent the morning cleaning.  My contribution to the effort has pretty much been making a grocery store run and making chocolate dipped strawberries for my mother-in-law.  Nobody loves stawberries more than she does.

The poor unsuspecting berries….

Strawberry 1 to Strawberry 2 “Gee what do you think she’s going to do with all that chocolate? Wait, what is going on?! George?…George?! Oh, no she dipped George!” (for the purpose of this conversation Strawberry 2 is named George)

The delicious aftermath.

As you can guess I am very tired and yes, I did giggle while telling you about George.  I think it might be time for me to step away from the keyboard and work on something that isn’t going to haunt me later.