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Savannah Weekend

Hello, friends! I am back from Savannah, and coming down off of what was a pretty incredible weekend has been a tiny bit rough. It was so much fun spending time in once of my favorite cities with one of my favorite people.

 Savannah was gracious and perfect, as always, and, even though it’s only February, they are already descending to the sultry summer weather that the south is so very famous for. Fortunately, it hadn’t gone too far; the thermostat topped out in the low 80’s, and there was a breeze coming off the river so walking around was still very enjoyable.  I got to introduce Rebecca to some of my favorite shops and places in Savannah (Paris Market) and discover a bunch of new places that make me love this place even more (Lulu’s Chocolate Bar and Mate Factor).  We definitely indulged in the touristy part of Savannah more than I ever had before. We did a trolley tour with Old Town Trolley and had an incredible time with our guide Scott who managed to impart a lot of history while keeping us all very entertained. I am already planning on taking my mom on the same tour the next chance I get. The trip wasn’t nearly long enough, and I am already trying to come up with a reason to head back. I keep crossing my fingers that some day the stars will align and I’ll be able to call this beautiful place my home, but until then, I can look back on these pictures and daydream.

Frienaversary 2016 trip: Botany Bay

While the entire trip was an absolute blast, and we did plenty of fun things, what made the greatest impact on me was our trip to Botany Bay. Being a Florida girl born and bred, I have seen my fair share of beaches, enough so that the whole experience has become a bit marganalized for me. Powdery white sand -meh, gorgeous sand dune – cool, but I’ve seen them before. I’d seen pictures of Botany Bay featured on one of my favorite blogs Taking Steps Home, so I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I was completely blown away almost as soon as I stepped out of the car.

BB23 BB25One of the things I thought was pretty cool, was that the beach was not near the parking lot. To get down to it, you had to hike half a mile through the salt marsh. BB26 BB27Gorgeous, but it left you feeling very exposed, and there were tiny crabs(sea spiders) and oyster beds everywhere. Lots of things to see, but we both kept to the trail. BB24 BB28The beach itself was hauntingly beautiful, which I am sure had something to do with the storm rolling in. Stefanie remarked that it looked like something from The Tempest.BB21 BB22Since the entire area is a nature preserve, it is illegal to remove anything from the beach trail or historic locations along the drive. In respect of that, visitors have taken to placing the prettiest shells they find on the dead trees and driftwood that line the beach. BB14 BB13 BB12 BB10 BB17 BB16I got a little overly emotional and went off on a tear about how wonderful it was that the trees were adorned with the shells since they could no longer grow leaves. That it gave them a way to bloom once more with permanence that foliage could not offer. Trust me, I know how it sounds; at least I refrained from actually hugging the poor trees.BB2 BB8 BB5 BB11 BB4
In the spirit of continuing the tradition and in a way, leaving our mark we gathered shells and placed them on empty limbs as we walked along. Unfortunately, our visit was cut short by the aforementioned storm. It didn’t seem wise to walk along a beach, let alone through the marshes with the looming thunder and lightening. I will absolutely be going back to visit, and I can’t wait to show it to Andy.


As many of you know, I recently celebrated my 25th Frienaversary with my bestie Stefanie. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we decided to do something we have talked about doing for a while: having a girls only long weekend. Our route was pretty straight forward: Wednesday night and Thursday morning, we’d be in Savannah, GA, Thursday afternoon, we’d drive to Edisto Island and spend some time at the hauntingly beautiful Botany Bay, and Thursday night thru Saturday morning, we’d explore Charleston, SC.  There were a lot of pictures taken, so to make things a little more manageable, I’ve divided the different parts of the trip into three separate posts, starting with Savannah, GA.

SAV21You can’t start a trip like this without a selfie, it would just be wrong. SAV22 SAV25 The first place we stayed was right across the street from the largest green space in the historic downtown, Forsyth Park.  It turns out that our hosts also had a fluffy black cat named Perf, who instantly became our friend and hung out in our room for a while on Wednesday night.SAV23 SAV24This wildly popular park has been featured in quite a few movies and is just as popular with the locals as it is with tourists. There are not only wonderful windy paths draped with the traditional wisps of silvery moss, there is an amphitheater, a cafe, monuments, a fountain, and a fragrant garden which is located at the heart of the park. SAV27 SAV16The fountain is one of the most iconic images of Savannah; you’ll find it on all manner of merchandise and almost all travel brochures. In all the years I’ve been visiting, there has always been at least one couple getting their pictures professional taken in front of the swans and mermen.  SAV17 SAV18 SAV15 SAV14Thursday morning we spent a few hours wandering around the historic district, admiring the architecture, and walking along the river.  SAV20 SAV19 SAV11 SAV10 SAV9Savannah has some of the best shopping, providing a mixture of local merchants, luxury goods, and more touristy merchandise that guarantees to have a little something for everyone. sAV7 SAV12 SAV5 SAV1 SAV2 SAV13 SAV8 SAV3 SAV4 SAV6Before heading back to the car, we had a fancy water break at a cafe located in on of my favorite shops The Paris Market. They were one of the first places I ever had infused water, and the beautiful shop always has some cool quirky item that I never knew I needed. It was pretty much the perfect way to wrap up our stay in my favorite southern city.