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Great Dates – Friend Date

As wonderful as a date with your significant other can be, dates with good friends can be just as much fun. Andy is, of course, my favorite person, but there are few things in this world that are as much fun as brunch and shopping with a friend. The blog A Beautiful Mess has started a feature call “Great Dates” where they do date pairings, like a dinner and movie, and their second feature was about that all important Friend Date (click on the link to see the full post), which kicked off with a trip to the bakery and ended at a greenhouse.

Date Day 1 Date Day 2 Date Day 3 Date Day 4 Date Day 5 Date Day 6 Date Day 7Date Day 9 Date Day 8

Now all I can think about is coffee and pastries. Middle of the week brunch tomorrow anyone?

All images from A Beautiful Mess.