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Pretty Pretty Hair

I wanna dye my hair so badly, and not just red, brown or blond. I’ve done all of those many times. I want purple, pink, teal, green…..you get the idea. One of the worse things about my job is that I can’t always be “myself”. Which especially rankles since I spent so much of the last decade figuring out who exactly “myself” was. It’s an on going process, one of the many that I am  working on with the ladies of Whole Soul Lab (shameless sponsor plug). One of my biggest fears is that I’ll fade into a beige cube dweller that wakes up 40 years from now to find that my life has passed without actually living it. A little dramatic right? But irrational fears are just that. And before you start to worry, I know that I can still be me without all of the other stuff, but I like the idea of the Julie in the mirror being able to match the Julie in my head.

Hair 1
Hair 2

Hair 3
Hair 5

Hair 6
Hair 7

In my boss’s defense, he does try his best to accept my extracurricular body modifications (piercings/tattoos), which is really tough since there is a 40 year age gap and he is very, very, very conservative. He did let me dye my hair purple for three weeks one December (since we didn’t have any clients coming in). Plus, I get to keep all of the piercings I came into the job with and I don’t have to cover my wrist tattoo, but I think anything more would be pushing my luck. So I’ll wait…for now.

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