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Little Good, Little Bad


I can’t decide if this is a good week or a bad week.

On the Good Side:

  • I took Monday off, and got a lot of my errands done.
  • My mom and my brother are driving down for the weekend.
  • It is finally cooling off again.
  • I found my favorite gray sweater.
  • We are going to the local park where they do a large Christmas light display on Saturday.
  • We are going to Victorian Christmas in Thomasville GA on Friday night.

On the Bad Side:

  • The new bosses are scrambling to get everything ready for the official merger on January 1st.
  • I have an orthodontist visit today and a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.
  • Andy and I still need to do some major house cleaning and grocery shopping before everyone gets here.

Okay, seeing it all written out like that, I guess the week isn’t so bad. The holidays have just seemed so hurried this year. The last couple of months have been really crazy for Andy and I work wise, and with all the random deadlines it feels like we’re so busy working that we’re missing out on the best part of the year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next two weeks will be different. Today, I am going to see if I can get Andy to turn off his phone for a little bit so we can grab coffee at our favorite place and maybe take a walk around the lake.

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