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Hostess Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is next week, which means November is almost over; when did this happen!? Even though I am currently in the process of doing laundry, locating our suitcases, cleaning the house, I am also trying for find some time to run to the mall. The impending week long trip will land Andy and I in a couple different cities and at a few different holiday tables. Since these lovely people are feeding us, and in some cases letting us stay with them, I think it is only polite to bring them a little gift to thank them for their hospitality. My host/hostess gift of choice is something indulgent that helps the recipient relax after they finally have the house back to themselves. Below are some of my top choices:

Hostess Gift Small


1. Teabag Tub Soaks
2. My Petite Spa Discovery Kit
3. Artisan S’mores Kit
4. Teavana Holiday Tea Collection
5. Capri Blue Candle
6. Shimmery Bow Slipper
7. Tea & Herb Truffles
8. Chenille Throw
9. Godiva Coffee Trio

Everything on this list comes in under $50, I know this time of year gets expensive and coming up with addition money for extracurricular gifts can be tough. If you aren’t label conscious you could probably even, with a bit of luck and savvy shopping, find versions of these choices for $20 or less.