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Kamwei Fong: Fluffy Black Cats

The work week can be long and frankly a little disheartening at times. I was having one such week when a friend of mine shared a video of an artist drawing massively fluffy and fanciful black cats. With a few quick clicks, I tracked down artist Kamwei Fong and  Bo&Friends on Instagram.

Meticulous tiny lines are carefully arranged to create these wonderful balls of floof. It gave me a the strange feeling of wishing I could hug these drawings. These inky felines look like they would be perfect for picking up and snuggling. I mean this might just be me, but who doesn’t want to hug something so very, very fluffy?I think I love the images with the whimsical tails the most. My cats habitually chase their own tails and part of me wonders if this is what they see when they are attacking/running from their own tails. Now I’m not saying that cats can fix every bad week… but they can fix a lot, and I hope you enjoy these wonderful works as much as I do.


Images from here