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Thinking Outside the Box: March Julep Box

Since this was to be the last month of my Julep Maven Box, I decided to go all out. I curated all of the products in my subscription box and I used the additional products option to select three other products at a discounted price, which in turn qualified me for a free mystery item. To make things even better, I cashed in my reward jewels and got even more of a discount on my add-ons. It was quite a happy afternoon when I got home from work to find the box waiting on my doorstep.

Julep 1 Julep 2 Julep 3 Julep 4

What I got:

When Pencil Met Gel(Smoky Taupe Shimmer) – This is a solidly good liner, while not quite up to the Urban Decay 24/7 standard, it is comparable to the Sephora Eyeliner and the Stila Smudge Stick I use regularly. I’ve worn it several times and it’s been a great addition to my eyeliner rotation.

It’s Balm (Dusty Orchid Shimmer) – This is a perfectly nice balm, I remain a steadfast lipstick girl, but if you want something quick and punchy this is a great product. It has a pleasant scent and it leaves your lips feeling moisturized vs. the greasy feel that many balms leave. You will have to touch up regularly though, but then again that has been my experience with every other balm I’ve tried.

CTRL + A Eye Makeup Eraser – I wanted so badly for this product to be amazing, but it was the biggest disappointment I’ve gotten in a Julep box. It took forever to get the damn thing to work , then it smeared the liner vs. erasing it. I called it a day and used my normal correction method (Qtip and a splash of my usual remover). I tried it again a few days later with a different liner and it ended up gushing out of the tip and made the entire line run instead of correcting one small area.

What I ordered:

Black Nail Daimonds: These seemed like the perfect way to give my nails a little extra sparkle. I mean nail diamonds and polish? That’s about as fancy as it ever gets for me. Since I’d never really used these before I’d had no frame of reference, but I thought they were a bit bulky to be worn for more than a few hours. I kept catching mine on things, and while they didn’t actually come off until I removed them, I felt like it was only a matter of time.

Areatha(aquamarine birthstone, multi-dimensional glitter top coat) – So very pretty, I paired it with my other birthstone polish Liza and I have the prettiest aquamarine nails that have ever been. I keep looking at them and shifting my hands back and forth to watch all of the layers of shimmer.

Delores(Iris linear liquid holographic) – Another shade for my ever expanding collection of purples. The base color is a lovely spring violet and the holographic shimmer is really pretty. Not as dark as I normally go, but still something to keep on hand for when I want to wear something a little different.

*Free Gift* Nayely(papaya nectar crème) – I was impressed that the free gift was a full sized polish, but I could tell just by holding the bottle that the color did not look nice with my skin tone. Also, I am not much of an orange girl. Fear not, I have already had a couple of generous souls offer to take it off my hands so it will be going to a good home.


We’ve reached the end of the three month trial and I have to say that as far a subscription services go, Julep is wonderful if you are a person who enjoys make up or nail polish. The price tag is very reasonable and they give members all sorts of discounts and freebies. I never once felt like I wasn’t getting what I was paying for. While I am excited to try out some new boxes, I am sad that this won’t be classing up my mailbox every month.


Thinking Inside the Box: February Julep Box

After last month’s unboxing, I was really excited about my February Julep Maven Box. Since I’d ordered so late in January, I didn’t get the options to select my box’s contents, and it was a surprise when I opened it. This time around Julep sent me a notification of release of the February Collection offerings and gave me a four day window to research and select my options. They also sent out an email offering a free heart confetti nail polish if you entered the promotional code. Free stuff? Yes, please!

Julep1 Julep2  Julep4 Julep5 Julep6

What I got:

Nail Polish in Rosie (charcoal grey with magenta glitter) – I thought this color was really cool. I have plenty of gunmetals and magentas in my polish arsenal, but not one that combined the two, let alone had the glitter factor. Two coats with no top coat, and I was able to keep it on my hands for a week before it started to chip noticeably. Not bad considering the cleaning and cooking I’ve been up to. I still struggle with the texture of glitter polishes – I prefer my nails to feel smooth -, but texture aside, I will absolutely wear this one again.

Creme to Powder Eyeshadow Stick in Warm Gold Shimmer – I was a little apprehensive about this product; I haven’t had much luck with crème shadows in the past. It was solidly “okay”: not great, but not unusable either. The color was lovely, but the wear was a little uneven. It works much better with a primer, but I had hoped for a throw it on and go kind of ease. All and all, I’ll keep it in my make up bag to use with my Urban Decay Naked Pallet.

Don’t Leave your Brows at Home in Warm Brown – my favorite item in this month’s box. I was a little disappointed when I realized that this wasn’t a pen; I have to unscrew the bottom which holds the brow makeup and then dip the brush into it… which I would have known if I’d actually looked at the product description before I added it to my box. Lesson learned. That being said, I’ve used this every day since I’ve gotten it. The angled brush makes filling in and shaping your brows very easy, and the texture of the pigment is relatively light, so you can build the color slowly rather than going from zero to Jennifer Connelly.

*Bonus* Heart Confetti Glitter Polish – I was so excited about this; I had visions an adorable Valentines manicure dancing through my head the moment I entered the code.  Alas, it was a good thing I didn’t have to pay for this, because it was really disappointing. The micro confetti part works just fine, but the large pieces of heart shaped confetti were disinclined to come out of the bottle. I had to tilt the jar to the side and sort of scoop the pieces out with the brush, which made for a laborious and less than smooth application. Ultimately ,I gave up, and now the bottle sits sad and alone on my coffee table. Festive, but unloved.

I will admit, there is a little less magic when you choose the contents of your subscription box, but it was worth it to find myself with products that I 100% was eager to try. I plan on curating my box again next month.

Thinking Inside The Box: January Julep Unboxing

One of the things that I’d like to do here at Vylette this year is provide more regular posts, segments that you as the reader can rely on seeing every month. As you know, most of what I post is based on my whims, so we’ll see how this goes. One of the first things I knew I wanted to try out was subscription boxes. There are so many services out there, and it is really difficult to know which ones are worthy of your hard earned money and which ones are better off being passed up. To kick things off, I signed up for 3 months of each of the Julep Maven Box, the PopSugar Must Have Box and the Love With Food Box. First up this month is the Julep Maven Box.

J1 J2 J3 J4 J5

This month my haul included two nail polishes and a liquid liner pen.

Nail Polish in Christa (purple twilight liquid holographic) – the product description is pretty spot on, although, me being a tiny bit nitpick-y, I think it should be lavender not purple. There really is a difference, people, but I digress. I was a little worried about the consistency and all of the glitter -textured nails make me a bit twitchy-, but the polish went on very smoothly and stayed that way. You could even skip the clear top coat if you wanted. The color is a bit light compared to what I would normally choose for myself, but I think it’s pretty perfect for spring and the frosty element to the shift makes it fitting for winter as well.

Nail Polish in Paulina (Peacock duochrome) – I was completely floored to pull this color out of the box. It is almost the exact shade of Shenanigans, one of my all time favorite polishes. I bought it randomly two years ago, I don’t remember where, and the name of the brand is not on the packaging, so every time I use it I feel a little sad because the bottle is starting to get a little low and I can’t buy more. Now I don’t have to worry about that!

Fluid Eye Glider – Lately, I have found myself moving away from my beloved UD 24/7 liner and more into the liquid liner pens. This one reminded me a lot of the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, which is currently my favorite. The color is a nice strong opaque black, and the pen tip provided a sharp clean fine line that is easy to build on. On the (slight) downside, I don’t usually go for black liner. Being so pale, it can look harsh and Goth very easily, but I like the pen enough that I’ll use it anyway.

Overall, this was a great way to start Thinking Inside the Box. I loved all of the items in my Julep box, and I will use them often. This hasn’t been the case with some of the makeup boxes I’ve tried in the past so my expectations were pretty low. So for me to be genuinely delighted with what I received was the perfect way to kick off the segment and to get me excited for the other boxes to come.