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Beautiful Bloggers: Keiko Lynn

For those of you who pay any sort of attention to the list of “Favorite Blogs” on the right hand side of the screen (go ahead look now if you haven’t before, i’ll wait……back now? Okay, lets continue) you have probably noticed the blog entitle Keiko Lynn, it is one of the few blogs that has consistently been on the list.  This may sound a little dramatic, but Keiko (pronounced cake-o) is the blogger that brought me into the blogging universe. Her blog and I Go By Katie, which is sadly no longer being written, are the reason I wanted to become a blogger.

This makeup tutorial, featured on Facebook by Urban Decay was the first blog post i’d ever read.  I remember being in awe of this girl, she had great personal style, was amazing with makeup, and had the quirky artistic life in NY that I had so desperately wanted after growing up in a small town.

After being on the other side of the blog for a little over a year, I realize that a lot of what we see as readers is carefully choreographed by the writer.  Photos are staged and carefully edited, stories are often tweaked for dramatic effect and things are rarely shared in real time. All that being said, I still love this blog.  Keiko just seem real to me, she has pets, siblings and an adorable boyfriend; she talks about growing up without her father, wearing a foot brace as a child and even about how ridiculously often she gets the flu.

Two years of devoted readership, a wedding and a house later, I’ve learned that the glittering jet-setting lifestyle that I so envied isn’t really what I want. And that’s fine. It doesn’t make reading about someone else living it any less interesting and sometimes it even reinforces my confidence in the decisions that I’ve made. But all the soul searching and self awareness aside, this is a seriously fun blog and even if you don’t understand all of the fashion, it worth the look just to see whats out there.


Half Moon Manicure

For better of worse i’ve always been a girly girl.  On my first birthday I wouldn’t touch the special alphabet block cake my mom spent hours making, so she took my hand and smooshed it into the frosting to get things started.  The next four photos in the sequence go something like this: Me wrenching my hand from the cake, looking at the sticky frosting coating my tiny fingers with an adorably befuddled expression,  me then bursting into tears, and finally my mom laughing as she cleaned my hands off. My mom still calls me “Prissy Britches” from time to time.

I’ve come a long way since then, but I still have quirks. Little things like wrinkled clothes, untidy eyebrows and chipped nail polish make me a little twitchy. Since I just can’t seem to make a manicures last, 9 times out of 10 my nails go unpolished.  Lately, i’ve been thinking about trying to do at home manicures once or twice a month, just for fun. This nail tutorial by blogger Keiko Lynn seems like it might be a fun and pretty easy way to get started.


Step by Step:

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