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H&M Home

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The first time I ever went into an H&M store was when I was  visiting my friend Marie in NYC. I decided it was a the perfect place to try out new trends and find things I went through rather quickly like inexpensive ballet flats. Since we don’t have a store in or even near Tallahassee I do my best to visit any store I come across when traveling. To my delight I recently discovered that H&M is now offering online shopping! The cherry on top is the new H&M Home section. Cute home goods and ballet flats with a click of a button?! What more could a girl ask for?

H&M 1 H&M 2 H&M 3 H&M 4

All images from H&M.


My Kitchen

Is really messy, but instead of cleaning it I am making a Pintrest board of what I wish my kitchen looked like.

Kitchen 1 Kitchen 3 Kitchen 2 Kitchen 4

Now if I could just get someone to come over and help me 1- Get me motivated or 2-Organize everything for me, we’d be in good shape. Any one with OCD who loves a challenge?

Cooking is fun…

Especially when you have the right equipment. One of the best shops in Savannah is, hands down, Kitchens on the Square. They specialize in fun and quirky kitchen supplies.  Ice cubes in the shapes of brains, guns, and magic wands, bunny shaped creamers and frog prince salt and pepper shakers are just a few of the treasures to be found in this place. The first time we stumbled upon this place, we were on a weekend trip with Andy’s family and we must have spent at least an hour and a half in this store.  There was something for everyone, we even picked up a grill fork that look like a saber and came with a complementary Zorro mask for our friend Kevin.

It was really difficult, but I limited my purchases to a milk whisk, for those chai lattes I am addicted to lately, and the hand towel Andy is holding in the picture above.  As any of you with pets knows, no matter how hard you try or how much you clean your kitchen it’s bound to happen.

Kitchen on the Square also offers cooking classes, I am thinking about signing up for one on my next trip.