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It’s happened! The first cat tea room has opened in the United States. San Francisco, the proud home to the Golden Gate Bridge and the house where Charmed was filmed, can now add yet another exciting destination for locals and tourist alike – KitTea. The trend of tea rooms where patrons could interact with resident felines originated in Japan. Over the last few years, the trend has made its way across Europe with tea rooms in Rome and London, and now the US has one of our very own. If cats and tea aren’t enough for you, all the feline residents are also available for adoption.

KTea 5 KTea 3 KTea 9 KTea 7 KTea 6 KTea 2 KTea 8 KTea 4

To learn more about this amazing new addition or to make reservations, check out the company’s website. If you like to hear more about how this amazing place came to be, you can watch an interview with the founder.


All images from the Tea Room’s Yelp Page