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My Kitchen

Is really messy, but instead of cleaning it I am making a Pintrest board of what I wish my kitchen looked like.

Kitchen 1 Kitchen 3 Kitchen 2 Kitchen 4

Now if I could just get someone to come over and help me 1- Get me motivated or 2-Organize everything for me, we’d be in good shape. Any one with OCD who loves a challenge?

Rainy Weekend DIY: Gold Dipped Feather Mobile

I am so sorry guys; I know my posts have been few and far between, but I am completely worthless these days. Things have been so intense at work that by the time I make it home I have no inclination to do anything. I didn’t even check facebook last night! Hopefully I’ll be able to pull my act together this weekend long enough to do laundry and go grocery shopping, but anything other than that? Probably not. I hate when I feel like this, and sometimes, so I don’t feel like a complete loser, I come up with little projects for myself to do. Something that produces tangible results and can be done easily in one sitting. Something like this feather tutorial.


Over the past six months, we’ve turned our second bedroom from a storage space to my office. Now that it’s finally cleared out I have lots and lots of wall space to fill, so I decided to create some of my own artwork. Gold dipped feathers seemed like the perfect thing to conjure magic when I’m feeling uninspired — and, in total, this project costs less than, say, a poster from Ikea.

To make your own you’ll need:
– 5 white turkey feathers
– Gold craft paint
– A jar or small cup
– An ice cube tray
– Gold glitter
– 1 spool embroidery floss
– 1 pants hanger
– White floral tape


1. Pour some gold paint into a cup or jar. Dip the end of a feather into the paint, then immediately cover in glitter. Rest on an ice cube tray or, really, anything that will allow the feather to balance while it dries. Repeat for four remaining feathers. Allow to dry.


2. Take the end of a feather and hold a piece of embroidery floss up against it. Secure the feather and floss together using floral tape. Continue with four remaining feathers, making each piece of embroidery floss a slightly different length.


3. Tie each feather to the pants hanger.


4. Hang somewhere visible. Have all house guests marvel at your artistic talents.


Quick and easy, and probably something that we have to be hung waaaaaay out of the cat’s reach.

DIY from You Are My Fave, originally from Frock Files.

Sunday Afternoon

I really wish I could hit rewind on the weekend. It was a wonderful weekend, but I am not ready to face this week at all. Saturday Andy and I drove down to Gainesville to meet up with my bestie since kindergarten, Stefanie. It was the official meeting of the new boyfriend and I don’t think we scared him too badly.  As long as he keeps looking at her like she hung the mood, he and I will be good. Since we spent a lot of Saturday in the car, we kept it very close to home on Sunday, only running out to pick up groceries and a quick trip to the Goodwill to search for some party supplies (I’ll fill you guys in on party plans in a week or so). I don’t know why I decided to play with the camera on my phone yesterday, but here are some shots of my afternoon.

We bought way too much tea at Tevana this weekend, and of course we had to spring for the special tea canisters. How else would we store our overpriced blends? Oh, and did you check out that super awesome Mickey tea ball? It’s Andy’s from before we met. Nothing says rugged and manly like a Disney themed tea ball.
2013-02-24_16-14-25_511L – My Valentine’s Day flowers are finally starting to wilt, but I think can get another day or so if I give them some fresh water. R – I found this awesome little table caddy on my trip to Goodwill. It’s antique, spins and has holders for salt, pepper, oil & vinegar. LOVE. 2013-02-24_13-38-19_776
Stanley was kind enough to unmake my side of the bed so he and the other cats could take turns sleeping on my pillow.2013-02-24_14-29-10_754
And this is aftermath of doing prep work for a post I’ll be sharing later this week.

Glamorous right? Do I know how to spend a Sunday afternoon or what?