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Currently: September


True to form, this autumn has found me looking at a season of change. Here is what is going on in my life currently.

reading – the Cainsville series. I’ve read all of the books before, but I was getting the itch to read them all again. I was in between books, and given the hurricane that tore through Tallahassee last week, I found myself with some time on my hands.

trying – a lot of new things. I came to the realization recently that a lot of the “stuff” I have is more because it was affordable or a gift and less because it was something I really liked. So I have been slowly, but surely shedding the things that are merely “stuff” and replacing it with things that I love as I discover them.

hoping – for some clarity. This “self discovery” phase I have been going through, while enlightening, has been making me seriously question where I am in my life vs. where I want to be. The glaring discrepancy between the two has me feeling like I need to do something to remedy the situation; I just haven’t be able to figure out what yet.

decorating – for Fall. Since Florida has two seasons, hot and really hot, the changing of the seasons is only apparent in the holiday aisle of Target and the beverage offerings at Starbucks. Since I don’t feel like missing out on a moment of my favorite time of year, I am slowly striping the house of its standard decor and replacing it with more thematically appropriate trappings.

to-do listing – holiday crafts and recipes. The next couple of months are a bit busy for me at the office, so I like to have small projects I can work on in the evenings. On the weekends I try to prep everything, that way I can just pick it up and go during the week.

What is going on in your life currently?


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Currently: August

Now that the hectic month of July is behind us, I can’t help feeling like the year is “almost over”. I was finally getting used to it being 2016 and now it feels like were at the precipice of the free fall into the holiday season. One foot hanging over the void. Self induced panicking aside, here is what I have going on Currently.C1

hearting – my fur babies. While I always adore our fluffy horde, ever since I got home they have been especially sweet and snugly. Occasionally, they can make me feel like a glorified pair of hands that exist merely to open doors and cans of food, so it is nice when they want to be near me and cuddle while we watch Netflix in the evenings.

watching – we just finished up Stranger Things (amazing!) so we are in binge watching limbo at the moment. When I am home by myself, I have been working my way through Gilmore Girls again and an episode of Difficult People here and there to keep things interesting.

exploring – the wonders of being home. Last month was pretty busy, and with the holidays suddenly seeming a lot closer, I am trying to enjoy the relative quiet while I can. Read a few books, snuggle the cats, go to a movie with the husband, but keeping everything close to home.

creating – a lot of different things. In the last little bit, my creativity has been a bit ADD. A bit of painting here, some hand lettering there, a bit of baking to round things out. Not a horrible thing since a lot is getting done, but there are days that I wish I could settle in and contently work on a single significant project instead of a bunch of smaller ones.

eating – lots of summer veggies. Blue Apron has been highlighting seasonal veggies, and Andy and I have liked it so much that we’ve been picking even more up from the store when were doing the rest of the cooking during the week.

Currently: July

As the sultry summer month of July kicks off with a bang, the next few weeks promise to be some of the busiest we’ve seen this year. Here is what is going on in my life Currently.


toasting – the past and new beginnings. My friend Stefanie and I are celebrating our friend-aversary: we have been besties for 25 years! Not only that, she is turning the big 3-0 in a few short days, and now that we are both officially in our thirties we are ready to celebrate this new phase of our lives. Which brings me to the next thing on my list…

going – to Savannah then Charleston to celebrate the aforementioned events. We have a girls weekend/mini road trip planned for later this month, and we are really excited about kicking back and enjoying some southern hospitality.

smelling – lots of smoke. Holiday weekends aside, this is grilling season in the south. After the afternoon showers subside, people fire up the grills for dinner, and it’s an off day to not catch a whiff of that sultry summery goodness when you step outside.

wearing – all of the tank tops. I have quite a collection, and this time of year they are pretty much the foundation for everything I wear. Tank top and jeans, tank top and shorts, tank top and skirt, tank top and yoga pants; you get the idea.

wishlisting – graphic tees and tanks. There are some really great companies out there, and I have about 10-15 items I’ve saved to various wish lists right now. A few of the top contenders are from Jordanden√©, Revival Ink, and Insta Tees.

What is going on in your life currently?

Currently – June

Happy June, everyone! I am completely unprepared for this year to be half over; logically, I know that time has been passing, but I can’t wrap my head around the “how much” part. I guess I better start paying more attention. Along those lines, here is what I am doing Currently.


planning – my summer activities. While the month of June looks like it’ll be pretty quiet, July and August are starting to look alarmingly full. There is a family reunion, a very special birthday for a very special friend, a potential trip to Seattle, and all that is before we even take into account work and local social activities. Andy and I are going to spend the next month working out our schedules and our household budget to see how/if we’re going to fit everything in.

enjoying – quiet time. As sad as it is that we’re done traveling/having visitors for the next little bit, I have to say I have been enjoying having the house to myself (or relatively so when Andy is home). When I have people around I always feel like we should be out and about or “doing”, but if it’s just me? Yoga pants and my kindle.

buying – tank tops and flip flops. It’s that time of year again for Floridians; the thermostat is consistency over 90 degrees, and the humidity makes it feel like you’re swimming every time you step outside. I am trying to be a bit more thoughtful about my clothing purchases these days (Can I wear the item multiple places? Does it work with what I already own?) instead of what I normally do, which is find a sale at target and grab the same tank top in 10 different colors. As far as footwear goes, I am avoiding anything super cheap or plastic-y in favor of things that could in theory be considered “sandals”, but that are still easy to slip on and off.

craving – fresh fruit and fancy lemonade. If there is an upside to summer, it is the amazing produce available this time of year. I have eaten so many strawberries in the last few weeks, and I just bought my first watermelon of the season. All of that paired with the sweet tart crispness of a tall icy glass of lemonade? Perfection.

pinning – indoor crafting ideas. This is the time of year that I like to get a head start on my holiday crafts for the year. The days seem longer, and it gives me an excuse to hang out inside during the hottest parts of the day. Not to mention the craft stores are well stocked since they aren’t being raided for seasonal items.

What is on deck for your June? What are you currently planning, enjoying, buying, craving and pinning?

Currently: April


April is always a crazy month for me. Work, travel, spring cleaning. Here is what I am working on currently.

making – this month I am trying something new. Usually, I am a bit free form about my creative process; I make what I want when I want to make it. Baking one day, jewelry making another, I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants. The downside of this is when I am feeling a little blocked creatively things don’t get done. So this month I am participating in the Fall for DIY 30 Days to a More Creative You Challenge. The activities are only 10 minutes each, so if you don’t have time to do them every day you can save up and do them on the weekend. I am a little behind right now, but I am planning on catching up over the next few days.

wishlisting – shoes and sandals. I’ve had the misfortune of breaking/ripping/wearing out about four of my favorite pairs in the last month. That’s the problem with wearing the stuff that you love; it tends to be used up faster. Who knew?

cleaning – a lot of things actually, I am 5 days into my 30 days of minimalism. Each day you get rid of/donate a number of items that corresponds with the date: 4 items for the 4th, 5 items for the 5th, etc. I was sure I wouldn’t have any issues finding things until the middle of the month, but I am already having to “force” myself to get rid of things I don’t use. The bottle of hairspray I don’t like that has been under the sink for 6 months? I honestly thought, what happens if I run out of the kind I do like and I need it? The struggle is real.

posting – as regularly as I can. Tax season is drawing to a close, and the pressure is on at the office right now. I have been putting in extra hours here and there, and some days I am too tired to do more than stare blankly at the TV screen when I get home.

tasting – Indian food. Sadly, my favorite Indian place in town closed a few months ago, and Andy and I have really been missing our veggie korma. When my friend Stefanie was in town for my birthday, she and I tried one of the “newer” places in town, and while it isn’t quite the same, I have to say I am quickly becoming a huge fan.

What is going on in your life currently?