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Summer Bucket List

Originally this was just going to be a post about all the things I wanted to do this summer, but as I was going through my list and looking for other suggestions online, I came across an “ultimate summer bucketlist for friends” which lead to me reading them out to Andy and having some rather sarcastic reactions to some of the suggestions. For the sake of authenticity (and his own personal amusement) Andy has urged me to post my reaction to the list instead of a list of my own, so here we go.

  1. Chase down an ice cream truck – I only run if chased, and sometimes not even then. Heck yeah to ice cream though.
  2. Go to a state fair – Yeah, it’s hot here; our state fair happens in February when you can go outside with dying.
  3. Buy a pair of sunglasses – Sure thing, I already have like 5 pairs, but far be it from me to turn down an excuse for shopping.
  4. Paint mugs outside – How about we paint them inside and tell people we painted them outside?
  5. Take a dance class – I’m actually down for this; now I just have to sucker someone in to going with me.
  6. Complete a puzzle – This is going to be a me and Andy activity. I get a little possessive and competitive when it come to the puzzle pieces, and he’s already agreed to that whole “for better or worse” clause.
  7. Have a picnic – I counter with: having an indoor picnic and building a pillow fort like you’re 7.
  8. Make friendship bracelets – I actually remember how to make them, so this might have to happen.
  9. Play with animals at your local shelter – I’ll go to the cat cafe instead; I’m not allowed to go to the shelter anymore after I brought Stanley home.
  10. Crash a wedding – Why?
  11. Go strawberry picking – Can’t, this is also done much earlier in the year here.
  12. Browse a farmers market – Heck yeah, I am going to be in Seattle soon, and this is already on my “to-do” list.
  13. Rock temporary tattoos – Nope, I do the real thing or nothing at all.
  14. Try a summer cocktail – Make that a mocktail for those of us who can’t drink and you’ve got yourself a deal. I think I’ll make Blackberry Sage Lemonade. With a fancy straw and a paper umbrella. Maybe some flower ice cubes.
  15. Go rollerblading – Not gonna lie, I used to be awesome on rollerblades, but now I am afraid of falling and hurting myself. I’m not old, but I also am not as resilient as I once was.
  16. Run through sprinklers – Pass, someone always ends up stepping on something sharp or tripping over the hose. Might as well buy one of those Crazy Daisy things and take out the whole family at once.
  17. Buy a minipool and use it – Why would I pay good money to sit in a tiny plastic tub full of inevitably dirty water that will reach scalding temperature an hour after it’s filled?
  18. Draw with sidewalk chalk – Cool. I’m down.
  19. Climb a tree – Nope.
  20. Play a card game – I only know how to play goldfish and war, if someone is game for that we can make this happen.
  21. Have a water balloon fight – Absolutely not, I’m an adult now, and no one is going to clean up all those tiny rubber pieces after me anymore.
  22. Make a friendship playlist – This actually sounds like fun. I’ll have to figure out how to burn it onto a CD that I can decorate with Sharpies.
  23. Rent a kayak – It’s a long complicated story, but in short I had a friend who once ended up with a boat full of spiders so I’m going to have to say “no thanks”.
  24. Dye a streak of your hair – I dye all of my hair once a month so I’m already ahead of the game.
  25. Blow bubbles – Okay.
  26. Go horseback riding – You see, I’m really not a petite person so we’ll spare the poor ponies.
  27. Make boozy popsickles – I will make these for other people and they can enjoy them while I sip on my mocktail.
  28. Stargaze – Does driving home late count?
  29. Collect seashells – Perfect, I’ll add them to my collection.
  30. Do a Pinterest craft – I don’t know, it feels wrong to make something instead of pin more things I won’t make.
  31. See an action movie – Popcorn and inside? Done and done.
  32. Take a road trip – I can fit 5 in my car; who’s ready to go?
  33. Build a birdhouse – There are already two in my backyard that they don’t use. Imma pass.
  34. Host a doodling contest – But if I host does that mean I can’t win? We’ve already discussed the competitive thing.
  35. Play MASH – I can, but I’m married with a house, so I think I know how things are going to shake out.
  36. Go camping in the backyard – Hard pass.
  37. Stay up until dawn – Hard pass #2
  38. Make homemade sorbet – I do have the ice cream maker already…
  39. Tie-dye shirts – Always fun and never quite what you hope for, but all in all, not a bad afternoon project.
  40. Have a Disney movie marathon – Yes! Everyone brings their favorite, and we’ll make our own pizza.
  41. Go to a music festival – Hmmm, drunk people, outside and dirt. Hard pass #3.
  42. Do yoga at sunrise – I can give this a shot, on the inside looking out at the sunrise.
  43. Create your own hashtag on Instagram – #idontdooutside2018 . Nailed it.
  44. Take selfies in your cutest pajamas – Oh, make the Disney marathon pajama themed!
  45. Shop at the dollar store – And buy the stuff to make more flower crowns!
  46. Have a barbeque – YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!
  47. Play pool – Let’s change that to “Play in the pool”. There. Fixed it.
  48. Eat watermelon – Well if the list says I have to…..
  49. Sing in the car with the windows down – I’m a maverick, I’m going to sing in the car with the windows up. And by sing I mean perform. The other people on the road love it.
  50. Go to a playground at night – ‘Cause that isn’t the start to a really horrible horror movie where the chubby purple haired chic who doesn’t run totally gets killed first.
  51. Bury a time capsule – I’ve buried like three over the years, and I don’t remember where they are.
  52. Challenge each other in a video game – Me: Needlessly competitive. I game alone.
  53. Make your own lip balm – My inner hippy is all for this. I already have like five recipes pinned… wait… would this count as a craft?
  54. Keep a summer scrapbook – I have a life scrapbook; it’s called Instagram.
  55. Read a book on the beach – I will do both, but not together.
  56. Go on a double date – Can we roll this into the action movie thing or do I have to come up with something non-popcorn related?
  57. Fly a kite – Remember what I said about not running?
  58. Do something that scares you – Perfect – I’ll try waxing my legs again.

So there you have it. Did you make it all the way through? Do you want to join me in my summer bucket list? If you don’t live near Tallahassee, we can probably make this an Instagram thing.

Floral Wishlist

The weather just keeps getting warmer here in sunny Florida, and as the sun shines brighter and the thermostat climbs, I am finding myself wanting to forsake my signature black attire and don something lighter in both feel and in color. The resurgence of 90’s florals has hit me with a big dose of nostalgia, and I find myself lingering over this or that, thinking about the thing I had way back when that looked so very much like it. So many items in fact, I decided to put together a little wishlist and share it with you guys.

  1. Floral Twist Bikini Top & BottomTorrid
  2. Sleeveless Angled Hemmed Midi DressSoma
  3. Bekah Slip DressFashion to Figure
  4. Floral Bouquet LeggingsLoralette
  5. Floral Ear Cuff – Chelsea’s Flowercrowns
  6. Floral Hi-Low TopForever21
  7. Deva Double Flower Drop EarringsFrancesca’s
  8. Macinee Flip FlopsNine West
  9. Floral SunglassesAmazon

Obviously, I just can’t help myself, and there is a little bit of black in this featured group, but much much less than usual.  When I saw that floral ear cuff in the middle? I almost died, it’s so gorgeous and the perfect option for days when a traditional full flower crown might be a bit oppressive. I find myself quite torn between simply purchasing it or attempting to DIY one for myself so I can have exactly what I want. The safe bet would be to just do both though, right? 😉

Witchy Wishlist

While I don’t go as big for Halloween as some of my friends (we’re talking entire homes being covered in all things spooky), I do find the prospect of Jack-O-Lanterns and dressing up fun. It’s gotten a bit more difficult as I’ve gotten older; I have this desire to “become” whatever I choose to dress up as vs. merely wearing something that is obviously a costume, which mostly leads to frustrating DIY days and me deciding to go as a cat once again. The other thing I like to do is pick up “costume” pieces that could be integrated into my day to day life and wardrobe. This year for a bit of fun, I made up a witchy themed wishlist of items I think many modern day spell casters would be delighted to own.

  1. Rhapsody Crown NecklaceLeia Beila
  2. Night VisionsRituel de Fille
  3. Phase of the Moon WatchHot Topic
  4. Peaceful Home CandlesNew Moon Beginnings
  5. Moon Flower Flat BootFree People
  6. As You Wish Floral JacketUrban Outfitters
  7. Natural Quartz Filigree NecklaceHowling Moon UK
  8. Laurel CrownElemental Child
  9. Layered Lacework DressAnthropologie

What do you think? Better than some random pointy black hat, right? This wishlist also had a bit of a Practical Magic feel to it. I wanted so badly to be as cool as the Owens women when I was younger. Not the whole losing the love of your life part, but more of the great fashion sense, subtle spelling abilities, and the self confidence that the aunts had in spades. I also wanted the house; it was a really great house 🙂


Autumn To Do List

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaar! I mean sort of, I love fall/autumn, and while I am by no means basic (the Buzzfeeed quiz proved it) if I was ever tempted to be, it would be now. I like doing fall things! A lot. And though the thermostat is holding at the low 90’s, and I’ve lived in Florida long enough to know better, my little cinnamon sprinkled heart hopes that it will magically drop to allow me to enjoy what others refer to as “sweater season”. I got the apple picking part of things out of the way early this year, but here are some other things I’d like to do before the winter insanity sets in.

  • Wear all the plaid
  • Shun the PSL enthusiasts
  • Stomp in large piles of colorful leaves
  • Burn something cinnamon scented
  • Decorate pumpkins

  • Sip some spiced cider
  • Wrap myself in a really cozy scarf
  • Find a pair of boots to rock
  • Buy an autumnal lipstick
  • Make spice cookies

  • Make s’mores
  • Use the fireplace
  • Don an over-sized, crazy soft sweater
  • Paint my nails burgundy or copper
  • Warm my cold toes on the back of Andy’s perpetually warm calf

  • Watch Practical Magic, Sleepy Hallow, The Craft and The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Make a seasonally appropriate wreath for the front door.
  • Use some of my handpicked apples to make apple crumble
  • Go to a harvest festival
  • Enjoy a warm beverage outdoors (if it dips below the mid 80’s that is)

What’s on your fall list? Are you ready to basic it up with me?


Images from here

Holiday To Do List

And it is December 1st! Yes, my holiday merriment kicked into overdrive the day after Thanksgiving this year, but there are still so many things I have left to do, I even started making a list. Then I decided to share that list with you all. Who knows, maybe you’ll find an item or two to add to your own list.


  1. Deck the halls, living room, dinning room, kitchen, guest room….
  2. Trim the tree, at least half a dozen times since the cats will spend all night undoing the previous day’s trimming.
  3. Make hot chocolate, from scratch, with the special marshmallows.
  4. Make a Christmas flower crown.
  5. Have holiday themed afternoon tea.
  6. Wrap gifts while listening to holiday music.
  7. Sing carols.
  8. Wear something tacky and festive.
  9. Try to make the cats wear tiny Santa hats.
  10. Make Christmas cookies.
  11. Drink spiced cider.
  12. Have a Christmas crafting party.
  13. Locate the stockings, then hang them with care.
  14. Make s’mores in the fireplace.
  15. Have a holiday party.
  16. Take my mom to Starbucks and enjoy a holiday treat.
  17. Snuggle up on the couch and watch holiday movies.
  18. Go to a holiday festival.
  19. Decorate a gingerbread house.
  20. Make paper snowflakes.
  21. Pick out Christmas PJ’s.
  22. Drive around and look at lights.
  23. Send out our Christmas cards.
  24. Take impromptu photos of holiday merriment.
  25. Random act of holiday kindness.

What seasonal antics are at the top of your “to do” list?

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