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Floral Wishlist

The weather just keeps getting warmer here in sunny Florida, and as the sun shines brighter and the thermostat climbs, I am finding myself wanting to forsake my signature black attire and don something lighter in both feel and in color. The resurgence of 90’s florals has hit me with a big dose of nostalgia, and I find myself lingering over this or that, thinking about the thing I had way back when that looked so very much like it. So many items in fact, I decided to put together a little wishlist and share it with you guys.

  1. Floral Twist Bikini Top & BottomTorrid
  2. Sleeveless Angled Hemmed Midi DressSoma
  3. Bekah Slip DressFashion to Figure
  4. Floral Bouquet LeggingsLoralette
  5. Floral Ear Cuff – Chelsea’s Flowercrowns
  6. Floral Hi-Low TopForever21
  7. Deva Double Flower Drop EarringsFrancesca’s
  8. Macinee Flip FlopsNine West
  9. Floral SunglassesAmazon

Obviously, I just can’t help myself, and there is a little bit of black in this featured group, but much much less than usual.  When I saw that floral ear cuff in the middle? I almost died, it’s so gorgeous and the perfect option for days when a traditional full flower crown might be a bit oppressive. I find myself quite torn between simply purchasing it or attempting to DIY one for myself so I can have exactly what I want. The safe bet would be to just do both though, right? 😉

Cat Lady

You guys know how ridiculous I am when it comes to my cats. Heck I referred to them more as my “fur babies” than I do my “cats”. But to truly deserve the title, I feel like I need to find a piece of clothing that proudly proclaims my cat lady-ism. I think these cat shirts from RCTees might be a good way to start.

Cat Shirt 3

Cat Shirt 1

Cat Shirt 4

Cat Shirt 2

Cat Shirt 5

Pair one of these with the rhinestone cat ears I made, and casual Friday at my office may never be the same.

Book Worm

It rained all weekend. It was wonderful. Well, with the exception of being stranded in the craft store for an extra half an hour. I didn’t really mind, but I could see Andy eying the distance between the door in the car.  Finally, it let up enough for us to make a break for it and bonus, it held off long enough for us to get groceries and get them inside before it kicked up again. The rest of the weekend was spent reading and doing some minor house cleaning. The only thing that would have made it better was weather cool enough to necessitate a hot mug of tea.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 6

I want it to be Autumn so badly, but  Florida is the sunshine state and we’ll be lucky if things have cooled off by the end of October. So for now I’ll just have to settle for iced tea and the breeze created by the AC.

All images from here.

Sweet Skirts

I apologize for the infrequent posts. Unfortunately, my day job has me a little spacey these days. The second biggest deadline of the year is looming, and the nightmares I used to have every single finals week in college are back with an accounting twist. I do it to myself, I suck at letting things go, and really I just need to find a way to be a little more zen about certain aspects of my life. Especially those that are way way way beyond my control. To take my mind off of some of the work insanity, I’ve created a spin off of the “Someday When I am Rich” game that Andy and I like to play. It’s called the “If I Could Afford to Blow My Entire Paycheck at Anthropologie” game. Okay, the name needs a little work, but I still get a kick out of it. This weekend the game focused on the surprisingly spring-ish skirts currently available at Anthropolgie.

Skirt 1

Skirt 2

Skirt 3

Skirt 5

Skirt 6

Skirt 4

Skirt 7

Gorgeous huh? I think the black and gold lace skirt would be perfect for New Years Eve. Maybe with a beaded cardigan and some killer shoes…

Kitchen Papers

Between my husband and I, I am without a doubt the more social of the two. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a quiet evening at home with the husband, a good movie and take out. Or a good book to read while he kills space zombies in whatever video game he is currently playing trough, but I still really enjoying having people over. Brunch, pre-holiday shindig or just because, I like just being able to sit around and talk with a group or a few of my favorite people. While these gatherings are almost always super casual, I like incorporating little things into the meal or decor that make things a little more special. Recently I discovered these gorgeous Kitchen Papers by Cake.

Kitchen Papers 1

Kitchen Papers 4

Kitchen Papers 7

Kitchen Papers 6

Kitchen Papers 3         Kitchen Papers 2

When I discovered how many types of designs and products they had, I had a minor Pokemon flash back (gotta catch’em all, gotta catch’em all!), but I try my best to limit myself to one or two selections a shopping trip.