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Disney Springs

As I mentioned in my previous post, although our Orlando trip was technically a “Universal/Islands of Adventure” trip, we did manage to squeeze in a quick visit to Disney Springs on Thursday night. 1 – because I love Disney Springs and 2 – because my mom hadn’t been there since it was Downtown Disney. #2 was basically an excuse for me to indulge in #1.

One of the things that had to happen was Andy & my mom experiencing the delight and sheer wonder of the the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Although they missed the best part because they turned around to excitedly tell me it was working and missed the whole camera to the cupcake robot part of the transaction. *Sigh* It wasn’t disappointing enough to buy another $6 cupcake though.  There really should have been an in between shot with the actual cupcake, but it seems when you put a single cupcake in front of three starving adults it doesn’t last long…… And of course we had to make sure we picked up some candy from The Ganachery “for later.” If you get the chance, do yourself a favor and try the Dark Chocolate & Orange and the Dark Chocolate & Pistachio. You’re welcome.
Even though we were there for several hours, there was a ton we didn’t see, and we just quickly ran through a lot like the Undersea Bar at T-Rex. And then spent way to much time in others like the new fascinator/corsage area in the Co-Op (completely my fault). I’ve also new decided that I need a large bow hat with feathers. I’d wear it to afternoon tea and the grocery store. You know, the important things.  I’ll do a full post on our vacation dining choices later, but the chandelier at Frontera Cocina was too good not to share. It reminded me of all the lanterns they released in Tangled. We wrapped up the evening with a visit to Amorette’s Patisserie to procure some pretentious pastries, also for “later”, and to admire the prep work the the pastry chefs were already undertaking to garnish the desserts for the next day. I found out that they offer (for a fee of course) a class where you can learn some decorating techniques and walk away with your own Mickey butt cake. I’ll need to do a bit more research, but I might have to try it the next time we visit.

Savannah Trip

And it’s Monday again; my long weekend wasn’t nearly long enough. Our early anniversary trip was everything we hoped for, and (fingers crossed) we really hope we don’t have to wait another five years for our next visit.

s2 In true anniversary fashion, Andy and I rented the same room at the same B&B (Foley House Inn) we stayed at on our honeymoon 5 years ago.s The Essex Suite has changed little in last five years, still two fire places, a huge soaking tub and a luxuriously tall shower. We did learn, however, that the staff now refer to it as the “Bond Room”. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz stayed in the room a few months ago, and it has been thus named ever since. We did laugh a bit about not only laying our heads where Bond had laid his, but using the same bathroom. I mean, completely bad-ass *eye roll* right?s7 s8 Since we’ve spent plenty of time in Savannah over the years, we took a very laid back approach to this trip. Both Friday and Saturday were spent wandering around the historic district, people/dog watching, and ducking into our favorite shops. s3 s12 s4 s14 s15 I almost purchased this little brass crown from The Paris Market, but I decided to sleep on it, and when I came back the next day, it had already sold. I am glad that I at least thought to snap a quick picture, and since I was so disappointed, Andy bought me a glass of their amazing lavender tea. I’m pretty sure I would have ended up with tea either way, but I thought it was a nice gesture.s17 s16 s10One of the things we knew we wanted to do this trip was try out some new restaurants. Both the Treylor Park & Cafe M were wonderful, but the best place we went was Chive. Their red curry sauce is so good it’ll curl your toes. s11 s18s13 s5 s6This is going to sound a bit crazy, but one of the things I was most looking forward to was spending some quality time reading in The Chair. It may not look like much, but this chair-and-a-half is the most perfect reading spot I’ve ever found. I spent entire afternoons lounging and catching up on my reading when Andy and I honeymooned here. Exactly what I needed after all of the wedding insanity.  I only managed a couple of hours this trip, but it was still well worth it.s1 s9Such a great trip, and I can’t believe after all of the planning and anticipation that it’s actually over. Fortunately, the fur babies were incredibly snuggly when we got home, it helped to soften the blow of returning to “real” life.

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful three day weekend. I am back in Tally, and aside from being a little travel weary, I’m still jazzed from this weekend. Aside from the standard girls weekend shenanigans, I made it to Palm Harbor in time to participate in the grand opening of the children’s learning center Stefanie is working at. I got to see her do a quick kid’s yoga demo and see the owner award her with her very own set of keys. It was really cool to be there for what is a huge new life step for her. Here are some more of the weekend antics.

W5 W4 W6 W7 W8 W1
W2  W3

1 –  We spent a ridiculous amount of time in Earth Bound, and while we were restrained in our actual purchases, I think we each mentally spent about $500. So many amazing things I’d love to have for my home, office and closet.

2 – I had one of the most incredible meals I’ve had in a very long time at one of Stefanie’s favorite restaurants: Consciousness Blossoms. Bonus, everything was vegan or vegetarian, so I could order ANYTHING I wanted off the menu without having to check ingredients. Heaven!

3&4 – While I absolutely missed my fur babies, Ruby and Gus made sure I didn’t go without snuggle. At one point,I had them on either side of me, both demanding tummy scratches; it’s a good thing I have two hands.

5 – With the aid of a few Pinterest recipes, we concocted some amazingly delicious vegan peanut butter cookies. It made a couple of dozen, so there were more than enough for me to take home to share with Andy. He liked them, too 🙂

6 – After cookies, we decided that it was time for facials and YouTube videos. I introduced her to the BuzzFeed Try Guys and My Drunk Kitchen.

7 – Sunday, I got up early-ish and grabbed breakfast with my dad at First Watch (another amazing restaurant). We hung out for an hour before he had to head into work, which was a nice added bonus to my impromptu weekend trip.

8 –  Both Andy and the kitties were very happy to see me when I got home; I think at one point I had four of the cats trying to sit in my lap, and Oliver insisted on sleeping in my arms while I read before bed.

So there you have it, a pretty awesome weekend. How did you spend your Labor Day?

Weekend Recap

It was one of those crazy weekends that are ridiculous amounts of fun, but over before you can blink. Georgia, North Carolina and then back to Florida, the poor husband is so tired that he had to take an extra day off before heading back to the office. Here are some highlights:

Week 4 Week 6
Week 5 Week 8
Week 1 Week 2
Week 9 Week 3

1 – Oliver went into full on toddler pout mode when he saw us packing our bags. Also, he is not allowed on the table, but he thinks that being in something on table makes it okay.

2 – Since the all ladies were going to be at the sprinkle for the better part of the afternoon, Andy decided to take a mini day trip to Greensboro and have lunch with his mom and dad. This is him killing time until he could start his drive.

3 – Lucy is one of these sweetest little puppies I’ve ever met. I gave her ear and tummy scratches, and she said we could be besties.

4 – My friend’s daughter Abigail gets cuter ever time I see her. We colored, we played with Ms. Potato Head, and I showed her how to take pictures of Mommy with my phone; super fun big girl stuff. I wish I could steal her.

5 – The adorable duckie cupcakes from Gigis were the perfect sprinkle center piece, and they were made for people who like a little cupcake with their frosting.

6 –  Veggie hash and poached eggs, perfect cheat day breakfast.

7 – Ladies who brunch,.

8 – My first ever trip to Lush, so many beautiful smells and colors. A little overwhelming, but I found some great things that I’ll share with you guys later.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap

Man, did I need that three day weekend! Andy ended up needing to work from home this weekend, so we had a nice quiet laid back holiday. I did a bit of outing and abouting and a lot of lounging about and reading.

Saturday, I had to take my car in to be serviced, so my friend Jenn picked me up from the dealership, and we spent the morning walking around the Saturday morning market downtown and grabbing brunch at Avenue.

Me 4 Me 5 Me 7

I’ve lived in Tallahassee since 2004, and a decade later I am still getting to know this town. It’s a lot different to live here as something other than a college student.

Me 8 Cozy 5 Me 3

The brunch at Avenue was a little pricey, but really delicious, so we will most definitely be back.

Me 6
 Me 1 Cozy 8 Cozy 6 Cozy 7 Cozy 9

I hadn’t been to the Saturday morning market in years, and I’d forgotten how many great booths and vendors there are. Plus, the guitarist they had was playing all the old songs my mom used to sing to me when I was little.

Cozy 4
Cozy 3

Weekend bonus, I got to catch up a bit with my friend Rachel and visit two of my favorite furry ones, Smuckers and Kipper. Kipper and I have known each other since I was in high school, and he gave me about five minute of fluffy what-for because it’d been so long since my last visit. Only then was I allowed to scratch his ears and tell him how wonderful and handsome he is.