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A Morning Walk at Maclay

One of the prettiest places in Tallahassee during the spring is Maclay Gardens. I visited for the first time my freshman year of college and have been taking visiting friends and family ever since. The best visit I ever had was with my mom; it was the very beginning of spring and the trees and flowers were blooming so fiercely that you could scarcely see the leaves. The entire garden looked like it had been covered in pink and white snow. This year I missed the sweet spot, but my mom and I still decided to make a morning of it this weekend.

The main walk of the garden is shaded by massive trees dripping with Spanish moss and flanked by numerous camilla bushes (trees?). It’s such a picturesque setting; in fact we ran into several groups taking advantage of the beautiful weather to do everything from birthday photos to engagement/save the date shoots. There were even a few groups from the college.   Frequently on this blog, you hear me lamenting the hot stodgy weather that blankets Tallahassee for the better part of the year, but during this brief period where the flowers are blooming and the weather is fine, I can see why so many people fall in love with the sunshine state.   This knurled old tree seems like something from a storybook, and it’s one of my favorite places to go to in the garden. Its lowest branches gracefully rest on the ground and are covered in moss and tiny ferns. The upper branches reach up and out, providing the perfect amount of shade. I love watching the light filter through its leaves and wondering how many people have stood there before me and how many stories must this old guy have born witness too?   This tiny gated garden is my mother’s favorite. It’s a bit too orderly for me, but the walls around it remind me very much of reading the Secret Garden and how Mary Lennox must have felt stepping through the gate for the first time. 
It was a really nice way to spend a morning, even if we had to share it with a lot more people than we’d initially thought. We’ve hopefully got another week or two of nice weather, so I might try to make it out there once more before the season is over and my vampiric tenancies reemerge.

Weekend Recap – MaClay Gardens

Happy Monday! Hopefully you are far luckier than I am and you are off for MLK; I am stuck at the office because it is officially tax season again. Monday blahs aside, it was a beautiful weekend. We had two days of incredibly rare perfect weather. Sunny and bright without being hot or glaring, with a lovely breeze and plenty of cool shady patches. Andy and I spent some time walking around MaClay Gardens (one of our favorite places here in town) basking in perfection of the day.

MaClay 1
MaClay 2 MaClay 3
MaClay 4
The front lawn was so incredibly lush and green, it would have been perfect for a picnic or cloud gazing, but it was still a bit soggy front the previous night’s rain. Next time I’ll bring a blanket to lay on.
MaClay 25 MaClay 28
MaClay 26 MaClay 23 MaClay 29
Remember those shady cool patches I mentioned?
MaClay 12
MaClay 10 MaClay 9 MaClay 11  MaClay 20 MaClay 6
MaClay 7 MaClay 8
The hot/cold hot/cold weather has clearly taken a toll on the plants, but it was kind of cool to see flowers that were still in fact blooming in spite of the frost damage to their petals.
MaClay 27 MaClay 17  MaClay 30 MaClay 21 MaClay 15
A bit early, but clearly spring is trying to get a toe-hold in Tallahassee. At this rate, the gardens will be covered in pink and white by the end of February, and I’ll be spending as much time there as I can, with a heavy dose of allergy meds of course.

Maclay Gardens

Right before the wedding in November, Andy and I took a Saturday morning, picked up muffins and went out to Maclay Gardens here in Tallahassee. It was the perfect relaxing morning that we needed in between hectic wedding plans.  Maclay has been one of my favorite places to relax ever since my freshman year of college.  My roommate Rebecca’s father was an FSU alumni and he took us out there when he came up for the Springtime Tallahassee parade (worst sunburn of my life). Since then it has become one my mother’s favorite places to visit whenever she is in town, and as a master gardener, Andy’s mother is a big fan as well. I can’t wait for all the spring flowers to start blooming so I can take a picnic out there, maybe after work someday.

Oh, and on a side note: WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!! Andy got the call this morning, our loan was approved and we sign the paperwork on February the 6th.  Thanks for all of the good vibes sent our way, and pretty please keep those fingers crossed that everything plays out smoothly over the next couple of weeks.