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Making Plans

Someday, when the house is unpacked, I would like to institute a monthly brunch.  Whomever is is town is invited and we’ll get to see our friends at least once a month.  Now that college is over, we seem to have lost the spontaneity of our previous social gatherings.  I remember a time where all it took was a blast text saying, “Sociology class cancelled, pizza and movie at SLC?” to have two car loads of us trying to find visitor parking and trouping across campus at three in the morning. Now that I once again have an actual dining room table and kitchen space(euphoric sigh) I am going to do my darnedest to put it to good use. Between this months issue of Sweet Paul Magazine (available for download here) and the pastel bunny shaped cuteness that is taking over all the stores, I am thinking maybe our first gathering should be an Easter brunch. Any takers?

Tempting, isn’t it?

All images originally from this months issue of Sweet Paul Magazine, which I learned about through Lobster & Swan.