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Magical Kingdoms and Pixie Dust

I have to start off this post by saying, as much fun as I had at the Magic Kingdom, I think it is ridiculous theĀ adults are not allowed to go to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. I can think of a number of grown women who would love to be a princess for a day, I’m just saying. That small grey cloud aside, Disney was just as magical as I remembered it being, and even though I couldn’t be a true Disney princess, one of the nice shop girls offered to sprinkle pixie dust from her magic wand on me to complement my pink hair. I totally went for it, and let me tell you, the mouse springs for some pretty strong pixie dust. I had to shower and wash my hair twice to de-glitter at the end of the day.

Disney18 Disney17 Disney15 Disney16
I think that I am unusual in that my favorite part of the park is Main Street USA. Adventure Land is cool, and Fantasy Land is of course magical, but the old time-y down town really does it for me.
Disney14 Disney13
I mean, come on; look at the perfect pastel of the Confections Shoppe. I could see myself donning one of their aprons and spending my days in clouds of cotton candy, painting chocolate faces on Olaf marshmallows.

Disney19 Disney20Disney25 Disney24

I might have made an embarrassingly shrill girly sound when I realized the flourishes on these columns were the tails of the squirrels.
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Lunch at Be Our Guest was one of the main events of the weekend. I’ve been wanting to eat there ever since the place opened, but along with not frequenting Orlando, you have to book your reservation months in advance. I barely was able to get a table for two for 8:25 (before the park officially opens) a month out of our trip, but we lucked out and the day before we left Tallahassee a lunch reservation opened. We quickly swapped out our times so we didn’t have to get up so early. The food was good, not great, but the ambiance made the expense well worth it. I ended up with a light up castle goblet and the “Grey Stuff” for dessert. That part of the meal was even better than I had hoped; I shared with Andy, but I didn’t really want to.
Disney2 Disney3 Disney1We’d originally planned to spend all day at the park, but I tapped out around mid afternoon when the weather started getting crappy and the lines started getting longer. Part of me wishes we had stayed late enough to see the parade, but most of me was happy we took a nap and then spent an awesome evening walking around Disney Springs. We have one day pass left that we didn’t use on this trip, so we are thinking about maybe heading back down to Orlando around Christmas. I hear the parks are spectacular all lit up.