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Last Minute Costume DIY: Skeleton or Sugar Skull

So it’s the day before Halloween and you don’t have a costume; no worries, I have the solution: Skeleton/Sugar Skull. That’s right, and you can whip this bad boy up with a quick trip to the store and an about an hour start to finish. To kick things off, we start with a spiffy DIY from the craft queen herself, Ms. Martha Stewart, a quick and easy skeleton shirt (video tutorial here). I found this project perusing Pinterest for a non-facepaint way to add a bit more pizzazz to Andy’s Halloween costume (a black Sith Lord robe).  I modified the technique a bit to make use of the supplies I already have on hand (you can see my notes below), but the end result was exactly as Martha intended.



  1. Print front and back rib cage templates. Trim first page on solid line and match to dotted line on second page; tape together.

  2. Pinch front of white T-shirt at center of neck and pull forward, lining up sleeve and side seams, to create a fold down center front of shirt. Lay T-shirt flat on a cutting mat with this fold to the right.

  3. Spray repositionable adhesive on back of front rib cage template. Place on folded front side of T-shirt, lining up vertical line with fold.

  4. Cut horizontal rib lines with a small rotary cutter. Leaving T-shirt flat, cut curved areas with fabric scissors.

  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create ribs on the back of the T-shirt, using the back rib template and lining up vertical line with back fold.

  6. Peel off templates. Unfold T-shirt and wear over a black shirt.


  • I lacked the repositionable spray so I adapted by cutting out the black parts of the template, securing the half way line with straight pings and the tracing the shapes onto the fabric with chalk. As far as I can tell it’s wasn’t any more difficult than the original method.

If you want something simple you can stop here, but if you want to take you look to the next level, follow this tutorial for Dia de los Muertos Makeup and throw on a flower crown. Easy Peasy and fairly inexpensive.

Last Minute Costumes

Tomorrow kicks off the holiday season (at least in my mind) and I actually have my costume together for the first time in…well, I don’t even remember how long. Granted it is pretty basic, I am going to be Sleeping Beauty, which is pretty much pj’s and a tiara, but I did buy these awesome slippers to wear. In all honesty I came up with the idea so I could buy the slippers, but the end result is the same. Awesome foot gear and an office appropriate costume. Whoo-hoo!

Since I know there are probably still a few of you that haven’t put together your costumes yet, here are some ideas from the crafting queen herself Martha Stewart.

Madame Butterfly

Stache on a Stick

Sultry Spider Web

Stylish Swamp Thing

Regal Raven

Mommy & Me Garden

Rat’s Nest

Dangerously Lovely Jellyfish

Going Batty

See? All you need is a quick trip to the craft aisle and you’re good to go. PS: I am seriously thinking about using the Madame Butterfly costume next year.