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I’m 31!!!!!!

As of 3:22 this morning (that’s right 3:22 on 3/22), I am 31 years old! Though I am warming to the idea of being securely in my 30’s, most days I still don’t feel like this new age group fits quite right. Today however, I am taking a break from the hand wringing and soul searching to simply enjoy all of the love and well wishes that have been coming my way; and to celebrate the journey to this point I am going to share some of my more interesting life moments with you.

  • My role as “Mother Pig” in my preschool production of The Three Little Pigs. That’s what happens when you’re taller than all of the other kids in your class. My job was to kiss my piglets fondly on the cheek and send them off into the world. This much to the dismay of one of my cast mates younger sisters. As I gave her the farewell peck, her little sister angrily shouted from the audience “Julie kissed my Amanda!” Pretty much the highlight of the play.
  • The tattoos and piercings that I decided on later in life should have been no surprise for my mother. When I was three, I desperately wanted my ears pierced. They figured I’d wimp out after the first earring went in, but (as my mom has told me countless times) though my eyes welled up and my little lower lip trembled, I defiantly turned my head to that they could pierce the other side. Also a foreshadowing of my tendency to dig in my heels when I want something.

  • I went through a phase during middle school where I was obsessed with the Babysitters Club series. Specifically I was a huge fan of the artsy Claudia Kishi who, like me, favored funky accessories and had trouble with spelling. I had to wear a uniform to school, but I stockpiled quirky thrift store accessories and wore as many of them as I could at a time.
  • I’d always loved fashion and I’d been sketching princess dresses for as long as I can remember, but it was my very first sewing class that I took in 10th grade that really solidified things for me. I made my homecoming dress that semester, and I knew from then on that I was destined for design school.

  • One of the reasons my hair color changes so frequently is that I’ve had to dye it since I was 13. You see, the women in my family start going gray early, and that’s when my class mates started noticing so my mom let me (finally) do something about it. Trust me; you’d get bored with brown and blond after a few years, too.
  • My senior year of high school I participated in a fashion show in which all the garments were constructed from toilet paper. It was sort of like the Project Runway “Unconventional Challenge”, but before Project Runway even existed.

  • When Andy and I started planning our wedding, he was the one who insisted on the big 200 person affair. I wanted to elope or go to one of those all inclusive BnBs in Savannah that only accommodates 30 people total. Ultimately, we had the big ceremony because he told me I would have to be the one who told his mother if we went with my option. Andy was also the one who wanted to have the big cake¬†(I’d suggested cupcakes), but he wanted something at least three tiers tall. And yes, I still mock him for every single bit of this ūüôā
  • My friends affectionately refer to my style as “sparkle fairy hippie”, and though most days I am completely confident in my choice of glitter sneakers and flower crown, occasionally I worry that other people just think that I am straight up weird. I mean, they’re not wrong, but still. When I was in Savannah last month, I had a hostess give me what was probably one of the nicest complements I’ve ever received. She told me she loved my flower crown and that I looked like a walking SnapChat filter. Completely made my day.

Obviously, there are many many more stories, some of them you guys have been around for, but I’ll stop here and just say that you guys mean the world to me and I am so grateful that I have gotten to share another year of my life’s journey with you. Happy Wednesday!!!

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

As the blog grows, it occurs to me that I haven’t gotten to meet many of you in person. Therefore, all of your Julie knowledge comes from the pages of this blog, so I figured I’d share 5 things you may not know about me. I think a one or two of these may even surprise some of my friends.

Me 2

1. I wear a toe ring almost every day; the only time it comes off is when I have to wear a tighter pair of heels. Living in Florida means wearing a lot of sandals; along with getting pedicures regularly, I figured out that I feel fancier wearing a toe ring. Considering this discovery was made more than a decade ago, I now wear it mostly out of habit like my nose ring or the ring in my upper right ear. Don’t worry; it isn’t the same toe ring. I switch it out often, but it is almost always silver with a floral design.

2. I love shoes, like whoa, baby big time. High end, low end, whatever. I don’t care about brand names or the cache of a high price tag; I just like pretty shoes. I’m not even¬†sure how many pairs I have at this point. It’s nothing too obscene, because 90% of my collection¬†turns over pretty¬†regularly.¬†I do have about 10-15 pairs in my closet that I paid a bit more for, and they only get to come out on special occasions. True story, recently,¬†one of my friends jokingly asked me¬†what type of shoe I’d though I’d be. It took some careful consideration, but I decided on a glittery ballet flat. Understated, but a lot of fun ūüėČ

Me 3

3.¬† After five years of marriage, my husband still thinks this is super strange, but I can only eat green bananas. Okay, there can be a little bit of yellow, but once they hit the “perfect” banana yellow? Game over. A single spot? Throw it away or make banana bread. The weirdest part is that it has nothing to do with taste; yellow or spotty bananas give me horrible indigestion.

4. I used to sing competitively. I did it all¬†chorus, barbershop quartet, church choir, Fine Arts, every singing competition I could get into (within my financial means of course) I did it. I was actually pretty good too. I liked working with a small group or ensemble best, but I didn’t shy away from the solo work. Things fell apart my senior year of high school; I got really sick at the end of the school year to the point where I lost my voice off and on for about two months. By the time I was back in fighting shape, I’d missed the deadline for music school auditions, and I’d¬†rekindled my passion for¬†apparel design.

Me 1

5. I am in love with the children’s movie My Neighbor Totoro. There is a tiny Totoro decal on the back window of my car, a small Totoro plush on my dresser at home, and I bought all of the Totoro tank tops from Hot Topic when they made it to Tallahassee. I don’t know what it is -most likely something to do with Totoro looking like a big plush kitty-, but I love watching him waddling around in his leaf hat and making the giant tree grow over night. I haven’t done it yet, but I may throw myself a Totoro themed birthday party one year.

Wow, that last one hurt to tell you guys just a bit…I am such a geek girl, I can’t help it!


A Very Lovely Birthday Party

I think my first birthday party was pretty traditional. My mom’s side of the family all gathered at my maternal grandpa’s house, hung some streamers, blew up balloons and ate some cake. The highlight of the event was my mom unveiling her painstakingly crafted tiny alphabet block cake that was just for me. I think the general idea was to let me play around in my cake, while the adults enjoyed the “everybody else” cake. But being stubborn and prissy, even then, I refused to touch the cake. Finally my mom took my little hand and stuck it in the frosting to get the ball rolling.

The family still laughs about me jerking my hand from the cake, looking at my frosting covered fingers with horror and then crying loudly and dramatically. Funny anecdote aside, I never really thought that a babies first birthday need to be an elaborate affair, it’s not like they’ll remember a whole lot about it. Then I saw this party on Hostess with the Mostess, and it kind of hit me. While it’s important for the little one have fun, I now realize that the first birthday party might be more about making memories with your family and friends, than about making memories for your baby. You and your guests get a fancy party, and in exchange they get stories to tell to the little one when he or she is older.

mossy-first-birthday-decorations 2 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 3mossy-first-birthday-decorations 6 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 1 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 4 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 5 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 7 mossy-first-birthday-decorations 8

Did you see the cupcake swing? How cool is that?!

All images are from Hostess with the Mostess.