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Meatless Monday: Week 3

Week three was pretty much like week two.  Keeping things veggie at home during the week, not a problem. I was a little worried about the weekend since we were heading up to Savannah, where there is Bar-B-Q and killer seafood on every corner. I should have had a little more faith in the south, every place we went (with one exception*) had mouth watering veggie based options available. Great food, beautiful city and wonderful company. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

I really wish it would stop raining so I can grill some of the gorgeous local produce I see every week at the market!

* Sunday before we left, we went to one of our favorite local places for lunch. Since we’ve received stellar service and food in the past i’ll refrain from naming names, but it was sort of a disaster. They had absolutely no vegetarian options on the daily menu, so I politely asked our waiter if the kitchen would be willing to leave the meat out of one of their pasta dishes. After calmly explaining my situation, he agreed to leave the meat “on the side” and I could just give it to someone else at the table. Not what I was hoping for, but since the whole thing was keeping my dining companions from getting their lunches I just let it go.

When the pasta came out, the meat was indeed on the side and Andy kindly shifted it to his plate and all was good until about half way through the meal and I found chunks of seafood under the veggies in my pasta. I just pushed the plate away and made do with an extra piece of bread. I understand that being vegetarian is a choice, but I had been very polite when making my requests, and the whole situation was just irritating and a little disrespectful. Oh well, you win some and you loose some.

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Meatless Monday: Week 1

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am going vegetarian for the month of August (although I technically started on July 31st).  Since the feedback on the topic seems to be pretty much 50/50 I’ll give you all a brief update every Monday, so those of you who are interested can check in, and those of you who aren’t know what day to skip.

Week 1:

I was a little worried about how I would handle the first completely meatless week since I tend to be one of those people that crave exactly whatever it is I’ve decided to abstain from, but for the most part things went smoothly. Friday was the only notable exception. I forgot to remind Andy about procuring veggie based fare from our favorite Chinese take out place, and he came home with a bag full of our favorite things, none of which happen to be vegetarian. I was a little upset, for about two minutes, but it really was an accident and my poor husband felt awful. Besides, this is just practice for any number of future dining situations where I am going to have to be creative about what I can and can’t have. I settled for fresh fruit and veggies with hummus, and felt a little proud for passing the first real “test” of my new convictions.

*For the record I am not trying to persuade or guilt anyone into a lifestyle change, we all have different opinions on how we should live our lives. Based on some of the research and literature I’ve been reading lately, I made this decision to figure out how I personally feel about being vegetarian. I can’t say that I’ll never eat meat again, but I feel like I owe it to myself to see where this goes.


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