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So I Can Be A Pretty Pretty Princess

I can be a little hard to feel beautiful and optimistic on a Monday morning. Especially a Monday morning that most of the world, including your husband, has off but you’re stuck at the office. Not to go into any specifics or anything. I am referring to people in gerneral mind you. But were I to find myself in such a situation, say on Martin Luther King day I am quite certain that showing up to the office in one of these crowns by Elemental Child would make the day much much better. If only to see my bosses face and then hear him try to come up with a reason why I shouldn’t be wearing a crown at the office. I would even offer to let him borrow it if he wanted to feel like a pretty pretty princess.

Crown 1 Crown 2 Crown 3 Crown 4 Crown 5 Crown 6

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Friday (Monday) Link Love

Friday Link Love

Things have finally quieted down in the Bucior household. Octavian is feeling much better, we are now on day 3 of his new diabetic diet and insulin injections. His eyes are clear and he has more energy, so much so that I think the other cats are ready for him to stop feeling better. He has been a bit of a shit really, attacking his siblings while they’re sleeping, chasing them around the house, knocking them off the sofa so he can sit next to me or Andy….this is better right? But since I didn’t get the links up on Friday, here is some Monday Link Love.

I recently learned that September is National Honey Month, who knew? The people at Design Sponge did, and I love this post on honey inspired items.

A great list of items this blogger deems necessary for flying. I bring a lot of the same stuff, but I always have my little bottle of Dramamine.

For those of you who can’t get enough Pumpkin Spice coffee madness (Rachael) here is a recipe to make your own.

A chocolate company that pays homage to the rich history of this indulgent candy.

My favorite Pinterest board of the week.

And my favorite pin of the week.

Monday, Monday…

For as long as I can remember “reading” has been at the top of my hobbies list. Athough,  I always feel a little strange defining it as a mere hobby. Overly dramatic as it is, I pretty much feel like I need books the way most people need water.  Stories of adventure, strange worlds, myths, legends, quirky characters and steadfast friends made my little hometown life, and growing up in general, more bearable.   Even now, all I need after a bad day at the office is some quality time in someone else’s world to set things right.

So stumbling across this hauntingly beautiful set of photos by Kristy Mitchell entitled Wonderland really made my morning. Well, that and having a new work computer on which I can check my blogs while i’m enjoying my break.

The work day is half over and the emotional storm clouds are definitely clearing, my fingers are crossed that the rest of my dreaded Monday will be calm and uneventful.

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