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The Art of Movement

One of the things I’ve always wished I could do was be a dancer. I ran around in Ballerina costumes until mother nature decided that I was in no way going to be the necessary body type, in college, I took weekly classes with the Ballroom Dancing Club my freshman year and then took belly dancing at the local YMCA for a while, but none of this magically morphed me into one of the characters from Center Stage or Shall We Dance. Mostly I don’t completely embarrass myself at weddings now. The dream never really went away though, and when I saw the NYC Dance Project created The Art of Movement, I fell in love and immediately started daydreaming about what it would be like to able to be the physical embodiment of music.

It also helps that there are some beautiful costumes that are being masterfully manipulated. Caught me with dance and held me fast with fashion: someone clearly knows the way to this girl’s heart.

Images from here.